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November 2013 Technology News

The latest equipment, instrument, and system introductions to the laboratory market.


Compact Mass Spectrometer
expression L CMS

  • Features a 2000 m/z mass range
  • Suited to chemists focused on larger molecule applications such as peptide synthesis, polymer chemistry and natural products
  • Compact enough to fit in fume hoods or on cramped benches, with the performance users need for exacting measurements


On-line & Laboratory Analyzers
Easychem TOX

  • Online version is a monitoring station for combining chemical and toxicological on-line control
  • Programmed to manage three bacterial vials in succession, enabling up to one month of unattended operation
  • Lab version is a dedicated instrument for automated and rapid toxicity measurements
  • Can analyze up to 45 samples/hour

Alliance Instruments

Microspectrophotometer 20/30 XL™

  • Designed to non-destructively analyze microscopic features of very large samples when integrated into large scale sample handling machinery
  • Features a spectral range from the deep ultraviolet to the near infrared
  • Analysis of samples can be done by absorbance, reflectance, Raman, luminescence and fluorescence with high speed and accuracy


UV-Visible-NIR Spectrophotometer
508 PV™

  • Designed to be added to an open photoport of a microscope or probe station so users can non-destructively analyze the spectra of many types of microscopic samples
  • Can acquire spectra of microscopic sample areas by
  • absorbance, reflectance, polarization, luminescence and fluorescence, in addition to high-resolution color images, when attached to properly configured microscopes
  • Suited to numerous applications


Elemental Analyzer
Model 440

  • Provides a fast and precise analytical tool for the biomass industry
  • Analyzes a sample in as little as 6 minutes to provide precise percentage carbon (C), hydrogen (H) and nitrogen (N) data
  • Using the percentage hydrogen data enables easy calculation of the biomass sample gross or net calorific value

Exeter Analytical

Large Diameter Core-Shell
HPLC Prep Column

  • New 30 mm I.D. (internal diameter) core-shell 5-micron column in Axia™ hardware is for preparative HPLC and SFC in pharmaceutical lab-scale purification
  • Also offered in a 21.2 mm I.D
  • Enables increased sample loading and throughput
  • Axia preparative format delivers longer column lifetime, higher efficiencies, improved performance and high reproducibility, compared to conventionally packed columns for lab-scale preparative chromatography


FTIR Spectrophotometer

  • Quickly and easily obtains high-quality data for samples in such fields as pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals and electronics
  • Offers 60,000:1 S/N ratio
  • Resolution of 0.25 cm-1 provides for highly accurate quantitation and identification
  • A rapid scan function allows rapid sample acquisitions of 20 spectra per second
  • Features a stable, airtight interferometer that incorporates a built-in automatic dehumidifier


Expeditionary Fluid Analysis System

  • Gives field operators the capacity to perform comprehensive, laboratory quality, lubricant analysis
  • Combines the ability to perform abnormal wear metals analysis, particle counting, viscosity and lubricant condition and contamination tests in a compact, field-based system
  • Facilitates maintenance of high-value equipment, enabling complete lubricant assessment for condition monitoring and rapid results that permit informed maintenance decisions


Extended Mass Range (EMR) Option for LC-MS
Exactive Plus EMR

  • Provides an extended m/z range of 350-20,000
  • Features improved transmission of higher-mass ions for stronger signals
  • Includes modified HCD pressure and controls for easier optimization of experimental conditions
  • Also brings users access to long transients for improved signal-to-noise ratio

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Triple Stage Quadrupole LC-MS
TSQ Quantiva

  • Designed to transform quantitation experiments with extreme sensitivity, productivity, precision and usability
  • Breaks the attogram sensitivity barrier, thanks to its new Active Ion Management (AIM) design
  • Able to perform 500 SRM experiments per second and positive/negative polarity switching in 20ms with no signal loss

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Product Spotlight

A Lightweight Learning Spectrometer
New FT-NMR system well suited to educational applications

Bruker recently announced a new, permanent-magnet based, benchtop FT-NMR spectrometer, the FOURIER 60.

The system stands out for its safety, efficiency, usability, ergonomics and performance and is suited to a variety of applications such as chemistry education at colleges and universities, as well as industrial and applied markets.

“The FOURIER 60 is ideal for the academic teaching lab, as it offers high performance and flexibility, as well as ease of use and robustness that both educators and students can rely on,” said professor emer. Dr. Peter Bigler, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Bern, Switzerland. “The inclusion of Bruker’s TopSpin software provides the ideal platform for intuitive learning and swift progression to more challenging experiments.”

TopSpin operating and integrated analysis software, as well as the system’s industrystandard 5 mm NMR sample tube format are also fully compatible with superconducting NMR systems. That compatibility means the system is easy to use and makes it simpler for students to transition to higher field instruments which they may encounter in their careers.

Easy sample introduction and an option for automatic sample changes also make this small, lightweight system ideal for a variety of skill levels and it offers strong performance with excellent resolution, a built-in pressurized air supply and an option for variable sample temperature control.

“Our goal was to deliver excellent all-around usability to our customers, and to create an affordable, best-in-class benchtop FT-NMR spectrometer,” said Dr. Thomas Bocher, business unit manager for compact magnetic resonance at Bruker BioSpin.

For more information, visit compact-mr/fourier-60/overview.html

Pulse Discharge Detector (PDD)

  • Extends the detection capabilities of the Agilent 6890 and new 7890 GCs
  • Basic operating mode of the PDD can replace many of the detectors currently used by GC manufacturers
  • Optimized for trace level work in the helium photoionization mode, and utilizes the electronics and power supply of the host GC


Basic lab

Air-cooled Benchtop Centrifuge
Allegra X-5

  • Designed specifically for clinical sample preparation
  • Bundled packages, which include swinging bucket rotors and common adapters, are offered for a range of clinical sample prep applications
  • Seamlessly integrates with the Beckman Coulter Automate 2500 family of sample processing systems
  • Provides a maximum speed of 4700 rpm and centrifugal force of up to 4470 x g

Beckman Coulter

Hardware Auto Focus and Cleanroom Kit
Axio Imager Vario

  • This kit for the Axio Imager Vario microscope system is suited to surface inspections on reflective, low-contrast samples
  • In transmitted and reflected light (brightfield, darkfield, polarization contrast and oblique illumination), the focus system ensures high precision down to 0.3 of the depth of field of the objective lens
  • Works ideally with ZEISS AxioVision software

Carl Zeiss

Platinum Probe Thermometer
Traceable® Platinum

  • This –80°C thermometer includes 24 hour/7-day/31-day MIN/MAX memory
  • Time/date stamp key shows exact time and date for all minimum and maximum readings
  • A 4-wire platinum sensor ensures linear response and high accuracy across entire range
  • Alarm is settable in 0.1° increments and signals when temperature rises above/falls below set points

Control Company

Sample Concentration Product
SampleGenie 3

  • Used in conjunction with the Genevac ROCKET Evaporator, enables large sample volumes to be dried directly into vials
  • Eliminates a number of time-consuming sample handling steps and the attendant risk of errors
  • Enhances the capabilities of this unique sample concentration methodology through improved ease of use, enhanced evaporation performance and reduced operational costs


Water Purification Stills

  • Now certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
  • Independently tested and certified to meet North American industry-recognized standards for safety and performance
  • Models that are CE and CSA certified include the A74415LS, A74415-60LS, A74410LS, A74428LS, A74420LS, A56210- 857LS, A56218-857LS, A56220-857LS, A56230-857LS, A56228-857LS and A56238-857LS
  • Consistently produce high quality ASTM Type II water


Analytical Balances

  • Provide users with a high level of process security while making working processes as ergonomic and efficient as possible
  • New StatusLight™ allows users to see, at a glance, that all balance tests are up-to-date and that it’s safe to start the weighing process
  • StaticDetect™ provides reassurance that weighing results are not influenced by electrostatic charge


RFID Tags for Air Displacement Pipettes

  • Helps labs establish advanced calibration schedules through heightened pipette tracking capabilities for significant time savings and lowered lab management costs
  • By combining Rainin pipettes with Rainin’s RFID reader and LabXTM Direct Pipette-ScanTM software, users can immediately determine an individual pipette’s complete profile including: serial number, manufacture date, calibration-due date and any user-assigned attributes


Raman Microscope
IDRaman micro

  • Designed for Raman measurements in research, quality control and quality assurance environments
  • Provides a versatile, high-performance analytical tool for applications where sampling requires careful focus and high spatial resolution to optimize the Raman signal
  • OneFocus feature optimizes the instrument for Raman sampling using the same focal plane for collecting images and Raman signals

Ocean Optics

Compact Linear Translation Stage
miCos LPS-45

  • Designed to position samples along a precisely guided path with distances up to 1 inch
  • Available in several versions for applications in air, vacuum and even for non-magnetic environments
  • Offers a standard travel range of 13 mm (1/2”) and 26 mm (1”) and can be scaled up for longer ranges, if required


Membrane Sterilization Filter Cartridge
Hydrofil HTZ

  • Dual 0.2μm membrane sterilization filter cartridge incorporates a pharmaceutical grade, positively charged Nylon 6,6 membrane
  • Positive zeta-potential of the nylon membrane enables highly effective reduction of most endotoxins derived from bacteria which typically have a negative charge in water
  • The dual membrane structure results in a significant increase in the endotoxin adsorption capacity of the filter


LED Light Fixtures

  • High efficiency LED integrated light fixtures are available in single and dual light options
  • Can easily be attached to light balancer rails, shelves, and other surfaces
  • An optional magnetic mounting bracket and a pipe mounting bracket are now available
  • Come in 24”, 36”, and 48” lengths, with on/off switch, and include mounting hardware, and a 13 ft power cord

Sovella USA

Portable Kinematic Viscometer
SpectroVisc Q3050

  • Enables immediate determination of lubricant viscosity in the field
  • Measurement range extends from 1cSt-680cSt at 40?C
  • Can calculate 100?C viscosity values with the input of the VI index
  • Allows measurement of kinematic viscosity using only a few drops (60μL) of oil
  • Requires no solvents for cleaning sampling cell surfaces


Ultrasonic Flowmeter

  • Can now be used in both higher temperature and higher pressure applications
  • Handles flows from laminar to turbulent and is therefore largely immune from viscosity
  • Offers excellent turndown, linearity and repeatability
  • Available in standard, high temperature and 30 bar higher pressure versions
  • Operates over very wide flow ranges (250:1) with excellent accuracy (better than ±1.0% of reading)

Titan Enterprises

Stackable, Chilling, Programmable Incubators

  • Feature a 27 liter capacity and Peltier-based heating and chilling
  • Suited to protein crystallizations as they have no compressors or CFC’s and are vibration-free
  • May be stacked using two stacker accessories Model IN30-300
  • Include an RS232 I/O port for remote control and data collection, digital timer in hours, minutes and seconds with user settable Auto-Off, and audible alarms

Torrey Pines Scientific

Cell Culture

Serum-free Neural Media Supplement

  • Designed to improve the overall growth and performance of primary neurons
  • Optimized for the maturation and long-term viability of primary rat and mouse neurons in culture, without the need for co-culture with astrocyte feeder cells
  • Supports growth and maintenance of primary neurons at low or high cell density plating




  • Have a greatly simplified protocol when compared to standard multi-step ELISAs, providing time savings and ease of use
  • These single wash, colorimetric sandwich ELISAs retain the familiar process and data outputs of a traditional ELISA kit
  • Require no specialized training or instrumentation
  • Achieve increased accuracy due to reduced sample handling steps


Library Quantification Kit

  • Used with Bio-Rad’s QX200™ Droplet Digital™ PCR system, the new kit provides researchers with the ability to precisely and directly measure amplifiable library concentrations
  • Does not require the use of standards
  • ddPCR fluorescence amplitude plots highlight well-formed and poorly-formed libraries
  • Enables consistent loading and maximum efficiency of the Ion Torrent sequencing platforms



  • Offer customers a collection of premium phosphoramidites to bring new standards to the modifier reagent market
  • Suited to CMOs and manufacturers working to GMP and other stringent quality specifications (e.g. ISO 13485)
  • Ensure that modified reagents meet the top-level purity standards previously only available for the principal DNA bases


TNF-β and TGF-β ELISA Kits

  • Have wider ranges than traditional ELISA kits
  • Require fewer dilutions to capture both sensitivity and high end
  • Provide over a four log range with a seven point calibration curve
  • Assay’s array format enables intra-well precision
  • Q-Plex Singleplex offering also includes kits for IL-1β, IL-2, IL-4, IL-5, IL-6, IL-10, IL-12 p70, IL-15, IL-17 and TNF-α

Quansys Biosciences

Isohumulones in Beer Application Kit
Thermo Scientific™

  • Complete UHPLC-based solution quantitates isohumulones, an important component of beer’s composition
  • Includes the Dionex™ UltiMate™ 3000 UHPLC system, Dionex™ Chromeleon™ 7.2 Chromatography Data System software, Hypersil GOLD™ column, all consumables and parts, and eWorkflow templates for online solid phase extraction, data analysis, and reporting
  • Helps users analyze the exact pattern of the various isohumulones in the complex beer matrix

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Lab Automation

Microplate Stacker
BioStack™ 4

  • Provides walk-away automation for routine microplate-based processes including cell-based assays and any application requiring automated plate delidding and re-lidding
  • Unique plate carrier provides fast plate exchange speeds of less than ten seconds to increase throughput and enhance productivity
  • Compatible with 24- to 1536-well lidded and low-volume microplates up to 22 mm high


Automatic Dry Down Station
UltraVap Mistral

  • Offers a simple, turnkey solution for integrating an automatic dry down step into a user’s automated liquid handling protocol
  • Fully optimized to work with robotic liquid handling systems from suppliers including Beckman, Hamilton and Tecan
  • Features a new “shuttle” design capable of serving and retrieving microplates to and from the robot deck without further need for off-deck handling

Porvair Sciences

Microplate Hotel
CompacT SelecT™

  • Designed for use with the TAP Biosystems CompacT SelecT™ automated cell culture system
  • Compatible with LiCONiC plate incubators and allows users to transfer entire stacks of plates between the CompacT SelecT and LiCONiC incubator based screening systems
  • Saves scientists’ time and improves the efficiency of supplying consistent quality cells to increase throughput in cell-based screening operations

TAP Biosystems

Life Science

PCR Workstations
AC600 Series

  • Designed as application solutions for the manipulation and amplification of DNA and RN
  • A
  • Available in 24’’, 32’’, and 48’’ widths
  • Additional features include built-in 254 nm ultraviolet lights for irradiation and HEPA filtration for a clean work area
  • 32’’ and 48’’ wide models include the UVTect Microprocessor Controller, which maintains airflow to provide a clean Class 100 work area

AirClean Systems

Automated Protein Denaturation System
Model 2304

  • Automates protein stability determinations using chemical denaturation
  • Developed to facilitate the formulation of biologics in a safe and stable form
  • Uses intrinsic or extrinsic fluorescence to monitor the conformational changes associated with protein unfolding (denaturation) and automatically generates complete protein stability curves
  • Up to 96 different formulations, process conditions or individual protein constructs can be evaluated for relative stability

AVIA Biosystems

Flow Cytometry System

  • Has now received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and an Import Medical Device Registration Certificate from the China Food and Drug Administration for in vitro diagnostic use
  • Incorporates 12 detectors —10 fluorescence detectors and two light scattering detectors
  • Simultaneous measurements of integral, peak and width are available for all scatter measurements and up to 10 fluorescent parameters

Beckman Coulter

Multi-Technology Microplate Reader
Mithras2 LB943

  • Includes monochromator and filter technology for UV-VIS absorbance, fluorescence and FRET, fluorescence polarization,Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF and TR-FRET), luminescence, BRET and BRET², and AlphaScreen® and AlphaLISA®
  • Equipped with two double monochromators with high blocking efficiency and high f-number (increased transmission) for filter-less measurements of absorbance and fluorescence
  • Optics have been improved over previous model to achieve improved detection limits


Microplate Dispenser
MultiFlo™ FX

  • Offers up to four independent reagent dispensers and a washer in one compact and modular platform
  • Simplifies and automates microplate-based liquid handling processes, thus saving time and reducing reagent costs
  • Incorporates Parallel Dispense™ technologies, which allows a choice of peristaltic or syringe pump dispensing
  • The fully configured MultiFlo FX replaces up to five liquid handlers


Heat Transfer Plates

  • For centrifugal evaporators
  • Enable almost any deep well plate to be dried up to 50% faster than previously possible
  • Features a central flexible pad that deforms and molds itself to the exact shape of the deep well plate and achieves the same level of heat transfer as from specially cut aluminum heat transfer plates but at a much lower cost


SPE Sample Preparation Starter Kit

  • Contains everything needed to begin productive SPE sample preparation in a 96 well plate format
  • Includes two development filter plates and a C18 sorbent filter plate, 2ml collection plates, disposable waste trays and the Microlute acrylic vacuum manifold
  • Handles samples as small as 150μl
  • Helps to increase analytical sensitivity by providing pre-injection clean-up and concentration

Porvair Sciences

Agar Media Dishes
Microsart @media

  • For Microbial Limits Testing according to the USP (Chapter ) and EP (Chapter 2.6.12)
  • Pre-filled with various agar media types, such as Tryptic Soy Agar or R2A Agar, sterile packaged and ready-touse in combination with Microsart @filter units
  • Features an innovative patented lid that allows touch-free transfer of the filter membrane onto the media without using any tweezers


Economy Anaerobic Chamber

  • Features a 13.7 cu.ft. workspace and a 300 plate capacity incubator
  • Boasts airtight construction of stainless steel and rigid Plexiglas, for unobstructed vision and integrity
  • Patented cuffs form a comfortable seal around the operator’s arms permitting bare hand manipulation of plates and specimens inside the working chamber, making work more comfortable and efficient

Sheldon Manufacturing

Bi-O-Vision™ Series

  • Feature two workstations, producing both 312nm ultraviolet and white light
  • TD-1000R model offers fixed-intensity while the TVD-1000R model offers variable-intensity control of either UV or white light
  • Continuously adjustable from 100% down to 50%
  • Enables life science researchers to select medium wavelength ultraviolet or white light illumination to view fluorescent gels or visible blots


Image Analysis System

  • Lighting and filter conditions have now been optimized to allow faster, safer visualization of proteins on stain-free gels
  • In tests, analysis results have shown the linearity and sensitivity of both methods of protein visualization (stained and unstained gels) was comparable with proteins being detected in the 2-20ng range
  • Allows scientists to image their gels immediately after gels are run


LIMS & Software

SAR Interpretation Tool
Activity Miner

  • Available as a module in Cresset’s Torch and Forge software suites
  • Identifies the key 3D structural and electrostatic changes impacting biological activity
  • Employs new science to calculate and compare the structural and activity differences between each pair of molecules in a dataset
  • Visualization tools make it easy to understand why a specific change resulted in improved activity and more


Software Updates
Mastersizer 3000

  • New software features, developed in response to customer feedback, now make it easier than ever to obtain accurate particle size information
  • Deliver an interface experience that fits with the app-led approach now common in so many areas of life
  • Software is now available in eight languages to ensure full accessibility for users around the world


GC-MS Software

  • Allows accurate and automatic identification of both target and ‘unknown’ compounds in GC–MS profiles
  • Users load in their data file and their library, and within seconds TargetView will have located their compounds of interest, saving hours of tedious manual processing
  • Now features an improved user interface and new fast-search option which saves even more time by speeding up target searches against very large libraries, and minimizing memory usage for complex data

Markes International

Embedded Database Technology
RDM Embedded 11

  • Now integrated directly into National Instruments’ LabVIEW
  • Delivers high performance, high availability and multi-core scalability, with a distributed architecture, and provides local database management for applications deployed on CompactRIO and Single Board RIO devices
  • Enables LabVIEW programmers to quickly and easily design data management functionality into their software applications


Next Generation Sequencing Software
GS FLX+ Software v2.9

  • Extends the range of amplicon lengths available for targeted next-generation sequencing studies on the 454 GS FLX+ system
  • Enables sequencing of amplicons up to 800 bp while maintaining >99% accuracy over the length of the read
  • Long read improvements allow researchers to obtain more complete coverage of target gene regions using fewer amplicons


Method Development Tools

  • Designed to help customers reduce their sample preparation method development time
  • Based on users’ sample requirements, the Oasis tools will recommend the optimized solidphase extraction (SPE) protocol to develop robust methods with high recovery for liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry applications
  • Feature basic and advanced capabilities
  • Available online


Product Spotlight

Transforming Data into Knowledge
Software helps companies develop new products quicker and more efficiently

An industry-first laboratory informatics system recently released by Accelrys aims to provide a big boost to experimentation management. The company’s Experiment Knowledge Base (EKB), designed specifically for research and development, enables organizations to transform mass amounts of scientific data into knowledge essential for faster, more efficient new product innovation.

EKB allows scientists to search and mine experimentation data from almost any source. The system also provides integration and interoperability with existing lab equipment and applications as well as features for improving experimentation management and collaboration.

“With a specific focus on R&D, EKB complements our downstream laboratory informatics offerings, including the newly released Accelrys LIMS, and exemplifies Accelrys’ continued commitment to providing first-in-class products that streamline the scientific innovation lifecycle across the lab-tocommercialization value chain and accelerate innovative new product development,” said Leif Pedersen, senior vice president of marketing, product management and corporate development at Accelrys.

Through its unique features, EKB aims to solve the problems caused by poorly architected legacy R&D informatics systems that have not kept pace with today’s fast-changing business environments and the large amounts of complex data generated. EKB’s unique “data mart” approach allows end users to consider new ways to query data every day, without the necessity to re-architect the system or its database.

“The market for ‘traditional’ laboratory informatics systems such as LIMS (laboratory information management systems) and ELNs (electronic laboratory notebooks) is evolving, particularly in R&D,” said Michael Elliott, chief executive officer of market research firm Atrium Research.

“Companies are demanding more intelligent and flexible systems to manage real-world workflows and ever-more large and complex data.”

For more information, visit experiment-knowledge-base.html

Supplies & Consumables

PTFE Components

  • Range includes lids, stirrers, stirrer guides, temperature probe holders and clamps for Asynt and other brands of controlled lab reactors
  • Highly robust, reducing the risk of accidental damage from dropping or impacts compared to standard glass components
  • Asynt PFTE reactor lids have a low profile which can be beneficial in some fume hood applications