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November 2016 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments, and system introductions to the laboratory market.

by Lab Manager
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In this issue we highlight companies that will be exhibiting at the American Society for Cell Biology’s (ascb) Annual Meeting (cell biology 2016). This event, which focuses on the latest advances in cell biology such as CRISPR, will run Dec. 3-7 in San Francisco, CA. Please note that the specific technologies featured here may not necessarily be at the show, but their manufacturers and distributors will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Triple Quadrupole GC/MS Instruments

7000D and 7010B

  • Include enhancements that not only improve analytical performance but make them easier to use than any previous triple quad GC/MS system
  • Agilent’s single quad GC/MS installed customer base, who want to run samples on their triple quad, can open existing single quad GC/MS methods with a single mouse click using Agilent MassHunter software
  • 7010B includes Agilent’s exclusive high-efficiency ion source


EBSD Detectors for Scanning Electron Microscopes

e-FlashFS & e-FlashHD
Booth 501

  • Designed for electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) analysis on scanning electron microscopes
  • Optimally cover all EBSD applications from everyday characterization of minerals and alloys to advanced analysis of nano and functional materials
  • e-FlashFS provides an increase in sensitivity by a factor of three compared to its predecessor, the e-Flash1000
  • The e-FlashHD detector features a CCD camera resolution of 1,600 x 1,200 pixels and state-of-the-art camera optics


Spectrophotometer Systems


  • These systems combine a high performance, compact Flame UV-Vis (200-850 nm) or Vis-NIR (350-1000 nm) spectrometer, with an all-in-one direct-attach light source and cuvette holder, into a single affordable package
  • Suited for regular absorbance and transmission measurements in teaching labs and research facilities
  • Can easily be customized, providing flexibility as measurement needs change

Ocean Optics 

Thermal Field Flow Fractionation System


  • Provides a highly efficient method of separating and characterising complex polymer samples from approximately 10 kDa up to 100 MDa and more in organic and aqueous solvents
  • Uses a temperature gradient as the driving force for its separation of polymers and particles
  • Does not require sample treatment as samples can be injected without pre-filtration


BioEthanol Analyzer

  • Based on the Prominence-i integrated HPLC platform
  • Provides an advanced tool for real-time monitoring of the fermentation process in bioethanol production
  • Remote monitoring of the BioEthanol Analyzer via the i-Series web interface or LabSolutions Direct provides instrument status and chromatogram information from anywhere using any smart device or PC • Built-in ECO mode reduces power consumption and mobile phase usage


Binary UHPLC System

Vanquish Flex
Booth 815

  • Adds a binary solvent delivery option in the 1000 bar (15,000 psi) performance range
  • Built for high-speed, fast gradient applications and the Vanquish platform’s inherent outstanding retention time reproducibility
  • Features a binary high-pressure gradient pump with 2 x 3 solvent channels and low gradient delay volume capable of delivering high flow rates of up to 8 mL/min

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Benchtop Mass Spectrometer

Xevo® TQ-XS

  • Enabled by the newly designed StepWave™ XS ion guide
  • Features a unique combination of ion optics, detection and ionization technologies resulting in levels of sensitivity not previously seen
  • Refined design allows the system to quantify challenging compounds at trace levels—even if they are labile or show poor transmission efficiency


Basic Lab

Reaction Inserts for Heating Blocks

  • Designed for Asynt’s DrySyn range of heating blocks
  • Enable scientists to now conduct precisely controlled heated/stirred experiments in three dram vials, 20ml scintillation vials, and 2ml HPLC sample vials
  • New multi position blocks, when combined with a DrySyn base unit, allow up to 27 experiments to be performed in parallel


UV Fiber Optic System

Opt-Diss 410

  • In-situ system is designed for dissolution testing
  • Measures directly in the vessel, eliminating problematic filters, tubing, and pumps used in conventional sampling
  • Patented ARCH probes designed specifically for dissolution eliminate bubbles and trapped particles that plague other fiber systems
  • New multicomponent analysis allows quantifying two components at once, without the need for separation


High-Speed 5MP Camera


  • Easily mounted on users’ microscopes, enabling them to record high-speed video of microscopic events
  • Feature four models to choose from and crisp, clean video from 2560 x 2080 @ 230fps to 800 x 600 @ 1650fps
  • All models record over 3200 fps at VGA resolution and more than 18,000 fps at smaller resolutions

Fastec Imaging 

Pump for Liquid Chromatography

Intelligent Pump UI-12

  • Features ultimate low pulsation as well as an innovative suction and discharge system
  • Makes it possible to keep a constant flow rate even with trapped air bubbles and allows for reliable intake from containers placed below the pump
  • Includes a dual identical plunger assembly, with each plunger being completely controlled by software
  • Comes in two plunger type varieties: 3.2mm analytical or 9.5mm semi-prep

JM Science 

Benchtop Nitrogen Gas Generator System


  • Developed to offer a compact and convenient gas source for labs using ELSD (evaporative light scattering detector) instruments and compact mass spectrometers
  • Provides a consistent source of nitrogen gas for these applications, typically requiring lower flow rates and specific purity
  • Capable of delivering up to 10L/min and at purity levels of up to 99.5% (at lower flow rates)

Peak Scientific 

Microscope Stage

Booth 615

  • Offers a travel range of over 300 x 300 mm
  • Suited for accurate and precise scanning of semiconductor wafers, photo masks, flat panel displays, and printed circuit boards
  • Fully compatible with a wide range of microscopes
  • Can easily accommodate wafers up to 12-inches (300mm) in diameter, or samples up to 25kg in weight, and works with many robot arm wafer loaders

Prior Scientific 

Wireless Integrated Sensors

Pressure Scout

  • Consist of a pressure sensor integrated with a wireless node and internal battery
  • Support pressure monitoring and alarm reporting as part of the SignalFire remote sensing system
  • Provides a low-cost alternative to conduit-wired or other wireless pressure monitoring solutions
  • Suited for well tubing and casing pressure monitoring, tank level monitoring, and compressor station status monitoring

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry 

UV-Blue Light Converter Screens

  • Can quickly and simply change harmful UV into blue light
  • Offer a safe, affordable way of using the UV transilluminator in Syngene imaging systems to visualize DNA and protein gels labeled with many commercial fluorescent dyes
  • Come in two sizes (21cm x 26cm and 25cm x 30cm) and are made of scratch-resistant plastic


Motorized Shoe Cleaner

  • Designed for labs, cleanrooms, and gowning rooms
  • Automatically brushes and vacuums shoes with the simple push of a lever
  • Inside the housing, five brushes placed at various angles are activated to clean all surfaces of the shoe
  • On-off lever is an easy-reach, waist-high handle, also serving to help workers balance during the cleaning cycles

Terra Universal 

Chemicals, Kits, and Reagants

Immunotherapy Research Products

Booth 1211

  • New range of TIGIT receptor products includes a Jurkat cell line, homogeneous assay kits, and recombinant proteins for immunotherapy research
  • The TIGIT homogeneous assay kits, include a CD112 kit to measure the inhibition of TIGIT binding to CD112 (PVRL2/Nectin-2) and a CD155 kit designed to measure the inhibition of TIGIT binding to CD155


Kit for Extraction of Genomic DNA from Plant Tissue

MagSi-DNA Vegetal
Booth 1211

  • Brings the convenience and cost effectiveness of magnetic bead technology to the world of plant genomics
  • Flexible protocols can be adjusted to optimize the researcher’s specific plant extraction protocol requirements
  • System is fully compatible with high-throughput robotic liquid handling systems, as well as smaller-scale plant genomics projects


DNA Blood Kit

(IVD) Arcis

  • This kit is for preparation of DNA from blood using a novel three-minute, two-step system, designed for in vitro diagnostic use
  • Sold in a ready-to-use format, and enables users to stabilize and extract nucleic acid from fresh or frozen whole blood samples in just three minutes, without the need for prior sample preparation steps
  • Non-hazardous, and ships and stores at room temperature for ease of handling

Arcis Biotechnology 

Magnetic Purification System


  • Based on Protein A magnetic beads, which have a high affinity for IgG molecules and allow scientists to purify small quantities of antibody from complex mixtures
  • Contains novel buffer compositions that are compatible with every conceivable approach to conjugation, including Innova’s Lightning-Link®, Thunder-Link®, InnovaCoat® GOLD, and LATEX conjugation kits
  • Will save researchers time, improve antibody yields, and facilitate the production of conjugates

Innova Biosciences 

Residual Protein A Detection Kit

Ready BLI

  • Designed for Octet® systems
  • Gives users a fast and simple way to test for the presence and concentration of Protein A or MabSelectSure™ bioprocessing samples
  • Does not require the manual sample prep steps like heating, centrifuging, and washing typically needed with ELISA
  • Provides results in two hours when paired with the Octet HTX system

Pall ForteBio 

Cas9 Nuclease


  • This highly active, purified recombinant Streptococcus pyogenes Cas9 protein mediates site-specific double-stranded DNA cleavage when complexed with a guide RNA
  • Available as a kit or a standalone enzyme (1mg/mL or 10mg/mL)
  • Delivers consistent and robust performance
  • Especially suited for in vitro assays or for introduction into cells by electroporation or transfection



Spectroscopy Software & Databases

KnowItAll® 2017
Booth 1109

  • Offers an additional 976,000 reference spectra in the KnowItAll Spectral Library including Bio-Rad’s Sadtler™ spectra as well as spectra from John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • Database collection now includes over 2.3 million spectra
  • Allows users to save time by automatically importing structures and properties directly from PubChem to enhance user-built databases


Microscopy Stage Software


  • Delivers a practical and intuitive system experience to users of temperature controlled microscopy stages
  • Allows users to control and monitor the different physical parameters for Linkam stages from one central interface
  • Can be programmed with up to 100 ramps, making it easy for even complex experiments to be run


Instrument Utilization Dashboard

TetraScience Utilization

  • Provides a dynamic dashboard of instrument usage data and analytics
  • Shows trends in instrument use so labs can make data-driven decisions around which capital expenditures to invest in, where to adjust service contracts and preventive maintenance, when to redeploy or resell depreciating equipment, how to optimize instrument scheduling, and where to eliminate bottlenecks during high growth periods


Software for Small Molecule Research

Compound Discoverer™ 2.0
Booth 815

  • Offers a full suite of powerful tools to address mass spectrometry-based small molecule differential analysis, identification, and pathway mapping
  • Provides simplified data processing and integrated compound identification
  • Also features streamlined data assembling from one or more experiments

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Sample Tracking

Software Samples

  • Recent updates will allow for the improved importing of large legacy data files, the enhancement of the audit trail for individual samples, and improvements to the search facility for sample retrieval
  • Now has an improved function for the importing of large amounts of legacy data, which can then be searched for and retr ieved in the database, even if the samples do not have barcodes


Lab Automation

Automated Extraction System

InnuPure® C16 touch

  • Combines highly precise liquid handling with automated extraction, using magnetic-particle separation as a basis for isolating high-quality nucleic acids
  • Well-established walk-away principle ensures that the entire process—up to and including analysis—is fully automated once the initial manual loading step is complete
  • 1 mL pipette tips with aerosol filters effectively prevent contamination of the dispensing unit and samples

Analytik Jena 

Automated Reagent Injector


  • Designed for use with Asia flow chemistry systems, enabling fully automated experiments with multiple reagents
  • Driven by the Asia syringe pump module
  • Offers high performance, fully automated sample injection via two independent channels, allowing complex matrixed libraries to be synthesized
  • Gas blanketing provides the inert sampling conditions required for safe handling of air and moisture sensitive reagents


Automated Sample Purification System

KingFisher Presto
Booth 815

  • Designed to be part of an automated workflow using a liquid handler with a gripper or robot arm to purify samples with volumes from 50μL to 5mL
  • A small footprint allows for easy connection to several liquid handling instruments in either a side-by-side or on-deck configuration, allowing flexible selection of platform and use for a wide variety of applications

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Life Science

Silicon Photomultiplier

PET Insert
Booth 501

  • Designed for simultaneous positron emission tomography / magnetic resonance imaging) investigations in mice and rats
  • Compatible with MRI systems up to 15.2 Tesla
  • Allows simultaneous measurements for the perfect correlation of PET and MRI data in space and time, in order to examine tracer kinetics, therapeutic agent distribution, and animal physiology


Preclinical Imaging System

SkyScan™ 1276
Booth 501

  • Provides improved in vivo scanning of small laboratory animals and of in vitro biological samples in preclinical studies
  • Features continuously variable magnification, including a smallest pixel size of 2.8μm, and a shortest scanning cycle of 3.9 seconds
  • Gives researchers access to highest-quality images at higher throughput
  • The world’s first in vivo microCT system with rapid helical scanning


Single Cell RNA-Seq System

  • Developed for efficient, high throughput single cell transcriptomics
  • Compact, scalable system enables rapid, reproducible droplet encapsulation of individual cells, allowing up to 10,000 single cell libraries to be generated in one 15-minute run
  • Allows up to 500 μl samples of cells and oligo-barcoded beads to be encapsulated in extremely monodisperse droplets, each containing a single cell

Dolomite Bio 

Syringe Pump

Pump 33 DDS

  • Features two independent pumping channels controlled by an intuitive touchscreen interface
  • This multi-purpose syringe pump employs advanced syringe mechanisms that include a tight gripping, extremely secure syringe clamp that accommodates syringe sizes 0.5 μl to 60 ml
  • Offers enhanced flow performance with high accuracy and smooth flow from 1.02 pl/min to 106 ml/min

Harvard Apparatus 

CE-IVD Labeled FISH Probes

  • Cytocell Aquarius® ROS1 Plus Breakapart and RET Breakapart probes specifically and accurately detect rearrangements in the genome associated with the most common form of lung cancer— non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
  • In OGT validation studies, the new Cytocell probes for NCSLC showed tight, bright signals allowing easy visualization and scoring of results • Available in two economical sizes and are premixed in hybridization buffer

Oxford Gene Technology 

Diagnostic Assays for Systemic Sclerosis

Multilisa® CENP-B and Scl-70

  • Multilisa® SSc program combines novel and proprietary markers with existing diagnostic standards to help understand the condition at a molecular level
  • Intended for the semi-quantitative determination of IgG antibodies specific for the CENP-B and Scl-70 proteins
  • Are the first Protagen CE marked diagnostic assays in an easy to use ELISA format


Crossflow Filter

Sartocon® Slice 50 ECO

  • Specially designed for water-based protein solutions with viscosities below 3 cp
  • The crossflow cassette can typically be used in biotech applications, such as filtration of IgG, blood factors and peptides, especially involving membrane screening and small-volume process development
  • Reduced flow channel geometry of the new filter lowers the recirculation pump requirements by as much as 50% versus a standard design


Fully Integrated Upstream Platform

  • Designed to meet the requirements of today’s upstream bioprocessing
  • Combines a top-performing expression system with equipment and process control for the rapid development and scale-up of robust, high-titer commercial manufacturing processes
  • Biopharmaceutical manufacturers will be able to reach the clinic in 14 months by leveraging this new platform


High Density Cell Factory System

Booth 815

  • Designed to provide efficient and economical large-scale production of cells by increasing productivity within the same manufacturing space
  • Incorporates additional layers compared with the standard Nunc Cell Factory systems, increasing surface area and yield up to 30 percent, depending on the type of cells cultured
  • Available in 3-, 13- or 52- layer options

Thermo Fisher Scientific


Human iPSC-Based Discovery Services

  • Support both preclinical neuroscience and chronic pain research
  • Offered through a partnership between Cellectricon AB and Censo Biotechnologies Ltd.
  • Collaboration provides the opportunity to meet industry’s demands for drug discovery models that are closer, and therefore more relevant, to humans


Mitochondrial Toxicity Testing

3D InSight™

  • New service is for the identification of mitochondrial liabilities during drug development and safety testing
  • Combines the organotypic liver functionality and 28-day in vitro lifespan of 3D InSight™ human liver microtissues with state-of-the-art analysis of mitochondrial respiration using the Agilent XFe96 analyzer
  • Capitalizes on the in vivo-like biology of 3D human liver microtissues


Supplies and Consumables

Organic Bottletop Dispensers

Dispensette® S Organic

  • Part of the latest generation of BRAND bottletop dispensers
  • Improvements include elimination of seals, lower operating forces, easier priming, and a new safety discharge system
  • Bottle adapters and accessories allow use with nearly any unpressurized system
  • Digital models are available for highly reproducible settings, analog models for rapid volume changes, or fixed volume models for standardized protocols

BrandTech Scientific 

Plate Holder for Electronic Pipette

  • Enables 1536-well pipetting on INTEGRA’s VIAFLO 384 electronic handheld pipette
  • Provides screening labs with a unique alternative to fully automated robotic liquid handling systems
  • For optimal alignment of the pipetting head with the target 1536 well plate, the new plate holder is adjustable in the y-direction
  • Features easy to use slide function providing access to all four quadrants with a 384-channel pipetting head


Chiral Columns

Lux i-Cellulose-5

  • New Lux media is more robust than other chiral offerings on the market thanks to a manufactured chemical crosslinking between the polysaccharide and silica supports
  • Can be used with even the strongest organic solvents, and offer greater sample loading and method development flexibility
  • Dichlorophenylcarbamate selector of the new media combines well with Phenomenex’s other Lux chiral stationary phases


GC Inlet Liners

Zebron PLUS

  • Designed with a pre-installed Viton O-ring to eliminate installation steps
  • Easy-to-open packaging also prevents pitfalls that commonly occur during liner installation, including breakage, cuts, and potential contamination
  • Specially deactivated during manufacturing and tested for activity against established EPA 8081 and 8270, which are representative methods for typical compounds of concern




  • Designed to amplify the productivity gains delivered by laser-scanning fluorescence cytometers by enabling users to deliver reliable decision making data faster
  • Validated for use with TTP Labtech’s acumen and mirrorball cytometers
  • Provide the convenience of an off-theshelf consumable and the benefits of custom design
  • Developed for use with microscope-based imaging devices, enabling users to transfer seamlessly between devices

TTP Labtech