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photo of a plastic microplate to do phospholipids testing
photo provided by porvair sciences

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Novel hybrid technology improves phospholipid removal from plasma/sera

by Porvair Sciences

Phospholipids are a major component of serum and plasma, and cause issues with LC-MS analysis by enhancing or suppressing ionization within the source, which results in a loss of sensitivity during analysis. This occurs due to phospholipids competing for charge in the mass spectrometer, causing a loss of signal for analytes of interest. Traditionally, columns packed with loose resins have been used for the removal of phospholipids from serum and plasma. However, these come with problems, such as channeling, packing inconsistencies, and voiding.

Download this technical poster now to learn more about a novel technology, using a co-sintered mix of porous plastic and chromatographic media, and how it has been employed to eliminate the issues common to loosely filled products, courtesy of Porvair Sciences.