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OGT Makes Market-Leading NGS Coverage and Expertise More Accessible

SureSeq complete library preparation solution delivers unparalleled data quality

by Oxford Gene Technology
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Oxford, UK – 13 June 2019. Oxford Gene Technology (OGT), The Molecular Genetics Company, has expanded its SureSeq™ portfolio with a complete library preparation solution for hybridization-based target capture in NGS, making its market-leading coverage uniformity and expertise even more accessible. As well as updating and refining the library preparation workflow—including the addition of automation support—OGT’s SureSeq NGS Library Preparation Kit now includes a new, ready-to-use hybridization and wash buffer that further simplifies this key step.

SureSeq complete library preparation solution delivers unparalleled data quality SureSeq complete library preparation solution delivers unparalleled data quality.Credit: OGTNGS is increasingly employed as a central technology in scientific and medical research, and as such, NGS data quality is of the utmost importance. Library preparation for targeted sequencing can be performed using either hybridization or amplicon technology. While amplicon methods are often faster, it is widely accepted that hybridization produces superior data quality, with exceptional depth and coverage uniformity and the ability to sequence accurately more challenging regions of the genome.

OGT is a specialist in hybridization, reflected in its portfolio and its history—the company was founded by professor Sir Edwin Southern—and its unique expertise and experience is unrivalled in the market. With this expertise, the company has been able to transform hybridization for NGS, successfully streamlining the library preparation protocol with reduced manual handling and a rapid hybridization step that delivers increased reliability as well as throughput. With hybridization times now down to as little as 30 minutes, SureSeq provides easy access to all of the benefits of hybridization while breaking down the barriers to its implementation--enabling scientists to get from sample to sequencer in just one day.

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As well as refining the workflow with fewer handling steps, fragmentation and concentration steps can, if desired, now be performed without capital equipment expenditure, while still delivering libraries of the highest quality. In addition, the company has developed an automation workflow, further reducing manual handling and saving precious time.

John Anson, CEO of OGT commented, "With this expansion of our SureSeq portfolio, we have further broken down the barriers for hybridization in NGS, making it quicker, easier and more flexible, while also delivering enormous benefits to researchers in terms of data quality. OGT has a reputation for quality and expertise and together with Sysmex we see NGS as a key future technology. As part of a large, global IVD company, we are exploring many exciting possibilities and it is our aim that future development plans in this area will be transformative for our customers."

OGT’s SureSeq NGS portfolio includes targeted panels, library preparation kits, and a powerful software package, all optimised to deliver the highest quality, trustworthy results every time.

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