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OHAUS Guardian™ 3000 Hotplates & Stirrers

Make your lab a safer place with the OHAUS Gaurdian 3000s: Affordable, digital hotplate stirrers designed for safety, power stirring, and rapid heating


SafetyHeat™ Overtemperature Protection

An industry-leading early detection system uses two independent safety controls to monitor the electronics and stop heating before an overtemperature condition occurs.

Three Plate Sizes Provide Flexibility

Available in 4" x 4" and 7” x 7” ceramic or 5.3” diameter round aluminum surfaces to accommodate most lab environments.

Digital Display

Easily monitor temperature and speed of experiments on the large LCD display.  A large hot top warning light illuminates when the unit is above 40°C, helping to avoid accidental burns.

External Support

Built-in Support Rod Holder can be used to secure clamps and temperature probes for precise monitoring of sample temperature.

Durable Design

Rugged metal housing with a spill-resistant design protects the control panel and the fully ceramic top plates can withstand temperatures up to 500°C.

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OHAUS Guardian 3000 Hotplate and Stirrer

OHAUS Guardian 3000 Hotplate and Stirrer

The OHAUS Guardian 3000 hotplates and stirrers offer enhanced safety, powerful stirring, and quick heating.

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