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Old Is New Again

Another summer, another Lab Manager Product Resource Guide. Or is it?

Rachel Muenz

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While you’ll find some familiar-looking sections in this 2016 edition of the guide, you’ll spot something new as well. In the product category pages at the front of the book, our “Questions to Ask When Buying Lab Equipment” are back, but many of the lists have been revamped to provide you with even more helpful information for buying specific lab products. We’ve also better connected our print categories to our online offerings with links to our new product pages and Product Finders on, so you can find the latest product releases and more easily decide which products are best for your lab’s applications. Along with that information, you’ll find the latest survey data on each product category to get an idea of what equipment your peers have in their labs, how they are using it, and what features are most important to them.

Some other changes are more subtle. We’ve changed the title of the guide from “2015-2016” to simply “2016” and we’ve consolidated some of our product categories and removed others in order to further tighten our focus on those products our readers use the most—though detailed information on manufacturers for all product categories can still be found in the back of this issue, where you’ll find the biggest change to this year’s guide.

There, you can flip through a traditional directory listing the contact information for all the major manufacturers of scientific products, along with an updated distributor’s listing that now includes further contact information for those companies. We hope that, if you find yourself in a crunch for a particular piece of equipment this directory will give you a quick and easy way to track down companies that can supply you with that critical product.

Whether you’re in the middle of an equipment crisis in your lab or looking to do some research on new products, our aim is that our 2016 Product Resource Guide will help you make the best choice possible for whatever lab products you need.

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Rachel Muenz | Associate Editor