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OMNIS Client/Server

Collaboration on a whole new level. Exchange data will all clients in your network with a single click of your mouse

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Efficient performance

OMNIS Client/Server helps you increase the efficiency of your laboratory, enabling straightforward and managing data, instruments, SOPs, and users centrally.

Modular, scalable, and flexible

Expand your network step by step and ultimately connect up to 100 clients in your OMNIS Client/Server network.

Network failure protection

Loss of connection or data is no problem. Continue working for up to 48 hours and use the full scope of functionalities of OMNIS. All your activities are stored locally and transferred to the server when the connection is reestablished. The routine operation of your laboratory will not be compromised.

Robust and secure

OMNIS Client/Server is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and meets the highest standards regarding data security and traceability. Any exchange of data between client and server is encrypted by TLS. This encrypted communication between client and server provides for the highest level of data security.

Customizable interface

Adjust OMNIS to meet individual requirements. All areas of the UI and its functions can be configured by the users as they prefer and as their roles require, including language.

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Optimize lab operations and boost productivity with OMNIS Software

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