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OneSource Laboratory Services Resource Guide

OneSource Laboratory Services Resource Guide

Improve efficiency, compliance, and productivity with workflow management

by PerkinElmer

Staff working in research and production at laboratory organizations are faced with the challenge of performing core responsibilities—running experiments, analyzing data, developing and testing products, ensuring quality, and more—as well as a variety of non-core tasks necessary to maintain operations. These additional tasks range from managing asset maintenance and repair to resolving IT issues, and require a significant amount of time and expertise. Not only does this detract from important scientific functions, working with multiple service providers often results in prolonged response times and equipment downtime, which reduces productivity and increases costs.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • How workflow services can be tailored to enhance productivity
  • What services are available to maximize productivity
  • How to manage non-core tasks across your organization
  • How to successfully manage internet of things data
  • About enhanced efficiency and improved compliance in the food industry