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Webinar: Optimize Your GC Lab with On-Site Hydrogen Generation

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Optimize Your GC Lab with On-Site Hydrogen Generation
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Maximize your GC lab’s efficiency with a centralized on-site hydrogen gas generator

As laboratories and technologies change, it is important to examine how we supply the gases needed within the laboratory. This webcast will examine the role of both Hydrogen Lab Servers and benchtop Hydrogen Generators in optimizing your GC laboratory by saving time, money, space, downtime, headaches, and in rare cases injury. In addition, we will discuss how gas generators can avoid interruptions from lack of availability or delivery issues that can be associated with the use of bottled gases. This webcast will focus on how on-site Hydrogen Generators provide a steady stream of gas to your GC’s.

We will review advantages of on-site hydrogen gas generation, including:

  • Cost Savings with minimal changes in expenditure year-after-year
  • Improve your GC lab’s efficiency by those handling clumsy gas cylinders (decrease in time wasted)
  • Maximizing safety
  • Decreased down time with a 24/7, on-demand, reliable supply of Hydrogen
  • Peace of mind with consistent carrier-grade purity
  • Back-up options

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how hydrogen generators work
  • Which applications are best suited for Hydrogen Gas Generators?
  • Common challenges of gas cylinder delivery and how Hydrogen Generators are the premier technical solution
  • Easy installation for both benchtop hydrogen solutions as well as Hydrogen Lab Servers for larger GC applications

Who Should Attend

  • Petrochemical laboratory directors
  • Laboratory managers
  • Lead Chemists
  • Gas purchasing agents
  • Chromatography specialists
  • Laboratory personnel for refineries

Attendees of the Live 1 Hour Webinar will receive a Professional Development Seminar Certificate of Completion issued by Proton OnSite.