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Optimizing Cell and Gene Therapy Workflows

Bioprocessing resource guide

Cell and gene therapies (CGT) have emerged as a transformative new category of medicine, and have undergone remarkable improvement in recent years, making them applicable to a wide variety of scientific problems. Key to the successful development of commercially viable CGT are scalable, robust, automated, and cost-effective cell culture processes. 

Optimizing Cell and Gene Therapy Workflows

However, the production of large numbers of cells (like those used to develop CGTs) in conventional 2D-culture systems is resource intensive. Accelerating upstream bioprocesses helps to shorten the time to market. Automation of routine tasks also allows researchers more time to do what they do best, research. Thus, optimizing the upstream bioprocess is an important aspect of CGT development. 

With decades of experience in upstream bioprocessing, Eppendorf has developed a platform to transfer small-scale bioprocess results to larger working volumes. Download this eBook to learn more about the platform as well as the tools and knowledge you need to optimize and refine your CGT workflows, including: 

  • How stem cells have been used for cellular therapy and regenerative medicine 
  • Stem cell bioprocessing using Eppendorf bioprocessing solutions – BioBLU® single-use bioreactors and DASbox® Mini Bioreactor System – and how they can be integrated into your laboratory
  • How bioreactors provide the ideal environment to perform large-scale expansion of exosomes 
  • Optimized and improved workflows for scalable expansion of CD4+ T cells, hPSCs, and hMSCs in bioreactors

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