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Overcoming Electrical Supply Problems to Support Analytical Instruments

How to optimize power to improve instrument function, prevent damage, and keep operations online

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Backup Battery Power Inc. offers the expertise and solutions for your laboratory’s power needs, so you can be assured your instruments, samples, and data are safe.

Battery Backup Power

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Analytical instruments are designed to operate within a specific voltage range, and the laboratory power supply can often be unreliable, subject to spikes, voltage fluctuations, and blackouts. These electrical disturbances can hinder instrument function, diminish reliability, threaten valuable samples, and in the event of blackouts affecting cold storage, result in the loss of vaccines and other biological products. An incorrect voltage supply can also damage costly, sophisticated instruments and potentially void the warranty, translating to significant costs for the lab. Individual power conditioning, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems provide localized backup and individual circuit voltage correction and protection, to keep instruments operating within specifications and warranties, and keep laboratory operations online. 

Circuit protection and power conditioning prolong equipment life

Surges due to accidental short circuits, spikes associated with lightning strikes or switching events in the power supply network can expose instruments to damaging voltages. Similarly, long-term voltage reductions due to an overloaded supply network can cause instrument malfunction and eventual failure. Circuit protection devices ensure the instrument receives the correct operating voltage at all times for optimal function. 

In addition to protecting instruments from electrical disturbances, it is essential to provide the correct voltage for operation to prolong instrument life. Analytical instruments such as thermocyclers, gas and liquid chromatographs, and mass spectrometers, among others, have specific operating voltages indicated by the manufacturer, which are often not consistent with the power supplied from the wall receptacles in the laboratory. Operating instruments outside of the recommended voltage range can cause damage, and in many cases, void the warranty. As such, they must be connected to a power conditioner to correct the laboratory’s incoming voltage to within the required specification via a power distribution unit (PDU) with a compatible receptacle. 

An uninterruptible power supply protects valuable samples and products

Blackouts can occur during inclement weather, as the result of power stations tripping, or due to an overburdened supply system, and can affect instruments at any point during operation, resulting in sample loss. When fridges and freezers are affected, the loss of biological samples and products such as vaccines can be devastating for the laboratory organization. 

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) provides reliable backup power to critical instruments until power can be restored. A UPS can enable users to complete an analytical run, or keep fridges, freezers, and incubators running to maintain sample integrity. Backup UPS systems are easy to use, and additional external battery packs can be added to dramatically extend the battery backup time as required.

A complete solution

Circuit protection, voltage regulation, power conditioning, and battery backup UPS are all essential to support optimal instrument function, prevent costly damage, and preserve valuable samples. Battery Backup Power, Inc. offers numerous solutions to ensure clean, uninterruptible power in your laboratory, including an all-in-one 6,000 Watt system. The pre-installed dual voltage output PDU includes all the most used receptacles in North America and is compatible with instruments from a variety of manufacturers. Plug and play functionality dramatically reduces setup and installation costs. 

Backup Battery Power Inc. offers the expertise and solutions for your laboratory’s power needs, so you can be assured your instruments, samples, and data are safe.

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