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Parker Expands the ALIGN™ Product Line with the High-Flow Multi-Gas Generator to Support SCIEX Triple Quad™ 7500 LC-MS/MS Systems

Minimizing instrument downtime, cost of ownership, and safety hazards as the first product line with smart controls to fit the highest quality and performance needs of instruments

Parker ALIGN™ High-Flow Multi-Gas
  • Provides curtain, source, and exhaust gas to all SCIEX mass spectrometers
  • This plug-and-play partner for high-end LC-MS instruments offers a higher flow rate of LCMS-grade nitrogen at more than 25 lpm
  • Features the same small profile as other generators in the ALIGN™ series, allowing end users to maximize their lab space
  • Boasts the smart controls that enable ALIGN™ products to operate only as much as called for, reducing noise, costs, and environmental footprint
by Parker Hannifin
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HAVERHILL, MA, February 10, 2021 — The Industrial Gas Filtration & Generation Division, the global leader in gas generation technology for laboratories, has announced the release of the ALIGN™ High-Flow Multi-Gas Generator, a compact unit providing curtain, source, and exhaust gas to all SCIEX mass spectrometers. The ALIGN™ High-Flow Multi-Gas is an addition to Parker’s acclaimed ALIGN™ Series, offering under bench, energy-efficient gas generators with whisper quiet operation and  performance.

Providing a higher flow rate of LCMS-grade nitrogen at more than 25 lpm, the ALIGN™  High-Flow Multi-Gas Generator is a plug-and-play partner for high-end LC-MS instruments. As part of Parker’s existing ALIGN™  platform, the High-Flow Multi-Gas features the same small profile our customers appreciate to maximize their lab space.  It also boasts the smart controls that enables ALIGN™ products to operate only as much as called for, thereby reducing the ecological footprint while reducing electrical bills, eliminating unnecessary noise, and increasing the reliability of the entire system. This latest product was designed in coordination with SCIEX to provide optimum operating conditions for the SCIEX Triple Quad™ 7500 LC-MS/MS Systems and the Echo® MS System for acoustic ejection mass spectrometry.

Any lab using analytical instruments can benefit from taking control of their gas supply, and the ALIGN™ High-Flow Multi-Gas provides several key advantages over delivered gas cylinders and traditional generator designs. On-site gas generation completely eliminates the safety hazards created by receiving outside deliveries, moving heavy materials, and storing high-pressure cylinders.  Gas generators also eliminate any variation in gas quality from tank to tank, and keep the most valuable employees focused on profitable work.

“The ALIGN™ High-Flow Multi-Gas continues our evolution into the growing, higher flow, higher sensitivity mass spectrometry applications,” said Jack Mahan, sales manager, Industrial Gas Filtration & Generation Division. “The combination of a space saving design, industry leading energy saving technologies and a low cost of ownership are true to our strong brand promise and have been very well received in the marketplace. As partner to the world’s leading instrument companies, our goal is always to exceed their highest quality and performance expectations in support of their breakthrough scientific objectives. The ALIGN-HFMG achieves the needs of today and is technologically well positioned as the market continues to develop.”

The ALIGN™ High-Flow Multi-Gas Generator is being manufactured in Haverhill, Massachusetts and is part of a portfolio continuing Parker’s long history of improving safety & sustainability in laboratories. Despite current conditions, the generator is available for purchase now and the Parker teams are dedicated to delivering best-in-class quality and support. Learn more about the ALIGN™ High-Flow Multi-Gas Generator at