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Parker H2PEMPD Series for Critical GC Analyses

The Parker H2PEMPD Series offers labs a safe, reliable source of hydrogen on demand, capable of supporting all their GC instrument

by Parker Balston

Today’s GC-FID labs facing tight deadlines and limited budgets require reliable sources of high-purity fuel and carrier gases to ensure their constant operation. Using high-pressure gas cylinders or large, inefficient dewars is no longer cost-effective. The Parker H2PEMPD Series offers labs a safe, reliable source of hydrogen on demand, capable of supporting all their GC instruments.

Leading Edge Technology for the Lab

Utilizing laboratory-proven PEM cell technology, hydrogen is produced on demand through the electrolysis of deionized water. The generated hydrogen then passes through a palladium purifier to remove oxygen down to <0.01 ppm, yielding purities over 99.99999%.

Built for Safety

System meets instrument’s needs at low pressures and very low gas reserves. Sensing circuits shut the generator down if a leak is detected and an eight-stage protection system ensures complete operator safety. The cell is protected by alarms detecting low water quality/low water levels and an internal pump ensures constant cell hydration.

Parker H2PEMPD Series for Critical GC AnalysesParker

Simple to Service

System maintenance is simple, infrequent, and low cost. Our generator only requires a few minutes of service every year, allowing labs to operate without inconvenient extended instrument downtime. A simple change of the deionizer cartridge and filter every six months assures optimum gas production and performance.

Ease of Operation

A state-of-the-art user interface controls gas pressure, flow rates, and purity settings while tracking hours in operation, gas production, and providing service alerts. Color-changing and audible alarms let users know when the system needs water. Or, connect your DI water to the unit’s automatic water feed for hands-off operation.


Optional high-pressure (175 psi) for fast GC is achieved via an electrolytic cell utilizing patented interlocking gaskets. Additional Innovative Control Software allows for remote monitoring and the flexibility to meet larger flow needs.

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