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Partnership to Accelerate Biotherapeutic Characterization Workflows

MOBILion Systems and Protein Metrics join forces to integrate the Byos® Software Suite with high-resolution ion mobility mass spectrometry

MOBILion Systems

MOBILion Systems is enabling advancements in disease diagnosis and treatment using high-resolution ion mobility mass spectrometry (HRIM-MS) based on SLIM (Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulation) to separate, identify and analyze...

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CUPERTINO, CA and CHADDS FORD, PA — January 26th, 2021 — Protein Metrics (Cupertino, CA) and MOBILion Systems Inc. (Chadds Ford, PA) announce their strategic partnership to provide data analysis modules for Protein Metrics’ Byos software suite that work exclusively with MOBILion’s High-Resolution Ion Mobility (HRIM) Mass Spectrometry (MS) System. Combining best-in-class data analysis with the fastest, highest resolution analysis of multiple critical quality attributes (CQA) to accelerate biotherapeutic drug development and enhance characterization capabilities that affect product quality, safety, and efficacy.

MOBILion’s HRIM product addresses deficiencies in current biopharmaceutical characterization workflows that rely on liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS). This best-in-class separations technology enables rapid and reproducible molecular and structural characterization of biotherapeutics with two-minute, high-resolution released glycan analysis and five-minute peptide mapping while providing more complete monitoring of post translational modifications (PTMs).

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Protein Metrics' Byos Platform enables researchers to move from raw data files to report in just minutes, with the click of a mouse. Designed to manage the burgeoning volume and complexity of analytical data, the platform has established itself as an analytical workhorse for protein characterization in biopharmaceutical laboratories.

The union of both platforms delivers on the promise of eliminating impediments to identifying and characterizing CQAs with the reliability, repeatability and speed required in modern biopharmaceutical organizations developing more complex protein therapeutics.

“Combining the fastest, highest resolution, most reproducible therapeutic protein analysis with simple, automated data analysis and visualization provides our mutual pharmaceutical customers with a streamlined workflow that will help bring safer, more efficacious drugs to market faster,” said Melissa Sherman, CEO of MOBILion Systems. “The push button, software driven approach of both the sample analysis and data analysis deliver the speed and efficiency our customers seek.”

“The whole is clearly greater than the sum of parts” remarked Kevin Cronin, vice president of corporate development at Protein Metrics. “With over 100 companies worldwide trusting our protein analysis workflows and an industry recognized gold standard in glycan analysis, this partnership enables our client base to rapidly integrate cutting edge platforms with confidence and ease.”