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PerkinElmer Launches VICTOR® Nivo™ Multimode Plate Reader

Multiple detection modes and intuitive software help to simplify and accelerate disease research and drug discovery

by PerkinElmer
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VICTOR® Nivo™ Multimode Plate Reader WHAT: PerkinElmer, Inc., a global leader committed to innovating for a healthier world, today announced the launch of its new VICTOR® Nivo™ multimode plate reader.  Designed to fit almost any lab space, this compact, lightweight instrument provides high performance detection modes and easy-to-use software, which allows scientists to be able to accelerate biochemical and cell-based assays for disease research and drug development.  

“In today’s academic and pharmaceutical labs, scientists need intuitive, high performance technologies, including multimode microplate readers,  that can be applied to a broad range of applications to help advance their research,” said Jim Corbett, executive vice president and president, discovery & analytical solutions, PerkinElmer. “We offer a complete set of innovative solutions that are designed to help facilitate scientific breakthroughs.”      

“Multimode detection is an integral process in helping to advance our research,” said Maria Kuzikov, assay development and screening specialist, Fraunhofer IME Screening Port in Germany, a PerkinElmer customer. “We have found that the VICTOR® Nivo™ multimode plate reader  provides high performance for a broad range of biochemical and cell based applications including measuring cell proliferation and cytotoxicity, DNA, and protein quantification, as well as characterization of compound effects on PDE activity. The reader is very easy to use so that even beginners can become productive quickly.”  

HOW IT WORKS: With a wide range of key detection modes, top and bottom reading for all modes, and space for up to 32 filters, the instrument delivers high performance for cell-based and biochemical assays and can accommodate multiple users and applications. Its small, compact design helps researchers to maximize their lab resources, freeing up valuable bench space for other activities critical to the research process. 

Scientists can control the instrument’s software via Wi-Fi or network connection from a PC, laptop, or tablet in order to effectively manage their workflows. The software’s user interface makes it easy for novice scientists to quickly learn and navigate the instrument. 

MORE: PerkinElmer offers a comprehensive portfolio of technologies to support life science research, including assay reagents, microplates, liquid handling/automation, and services. To learn more about the VICTOR Nivo multimode plate reader, visit