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PerkinElmer OneSource Seminars Address the Cost of Laboratory Compliance

PerkinElmer, Inc. OneSource Laboratory Services announces a series of informative laboratory compliance seminars.

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PerkinElmer, Inc. OneSource Laboratory Services announces a series of informative laboratory compliance seminars. Entitled ‘How to Craft an Efficient and Cost-Effective Regulatory Compliance Program’, the free one-day seminars are designed to alleviate some of the potential stress of regulatory inspection and describe the implications of critical regulatory changes and industry trends. Part of a global program, the first events will take place in California on March 24 and 26, 2009.
For further information, please visit Future seminars are scheduled inCambridge, Massachusetts (21 April), and Edison, New Jersey (23 April). To find out more, please contact
Renowned compliance expert Dr. Bob McDowall will provide guidance to delegates on constructing an efficient and cost-effective compliance program, to assist those with responsibility for laboratory compliance to satisfy regulatory requirements, reduce costs and increase productivity. “Given the current economic climate, achieving cost savings and optimum efficiency are key concerns across the board. Through this seminar program we will seek to demonstrate that a solid compliance program can meet these needs,” McDowall commented. The internationally recognized consultant will also discuss the impact of USP general chapter <1058> on analytical instrument qualification and current trends in computerized system validation. “Keeping up with the changing laboratory compliance landscape is a huge challenge. The seminars are intended to demystify this problematic area and help people to understand the implications of new regulatory guidelines,” McDowall added.
Other highlights include an exploration of current trends affecting laboratory instrument qualification from Dr. Joe Tehrani, global qualification and relocation business leader at PerkinElmer, an interactive question and answer session, a presentation dedicated to laboratory relocation and an opportunity to network with other laboratory management professionals. The seminars also feature an optional demonstration and discussion of patented LabMetrix™ technology for metrology-based equipment qualification.
Source: PerkinElmer, Inc.