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Pfeiffer Vacuum Presents Extension to DigiLine Series

DigiLine gauges determine and regulate the total pressure in a vacuum system

Pfeiffer Vacuum capacitance gauges, CCT

Pfeiffer Vacuum capacitance gauges, CCT.

by Pfeiffer Vacuum
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ASSLAR, GERMANY — April 20, 2021 — For more than 20 years now, Pfeiffer Vacuum’s portfolio has included its comprehensive DigiLine range of digital total vacuum pressure gauges, which can be modularly adapted to suit any industrial vacuum application. These gauges allow reliable measurement of the total pressure and are easy to install.

Many vacuum applications operate only within a specific pressure range. DigiLine gauges determine and regulate the total pressure in a vacuum system. Thanks to their digital signal output, they ensure a high degree of accuracy and secure data transmission. DigiLine products are much more accurate than analog measuring methods: The measured data for process control and documentation are transferred without any errors or losses.

The M12 connector assemblies qualify these vacuum gauges for use in harsh environments. The gauges can be operated within a communications network, along with the HiPace turbopumps and other Pfeiffer Vacuum products.

All of the gauges have an RS-485 interface. The available options already included Profibus DP, DeviceNet, and an additional analog output with two switch points and an LCD display.

Now, additional options have been added to the series to keep abreast of changes in market requirements. This means that DigiLine is now also available with the industrial Ethernet interfaces ProfiNet and EtherCat. In comparison to conventional fieldbuses, these offer the advantage of very fast data rates and a significantly higher number of participants, which makes them an important factor in implementing Industry 4.0.

In addition, the capacitance gauge types, CCT, which were previously supplied only with an analog output, are now also available in the DigiLine series. These high-precision measurement instruments can be used independently of the type of gas, and find applications in the precise control of coating processes, for example, as well as in freeze drying and in calibration laboratories. The tried-and-tested ceramic technology in the CCTs has the advantages of good chemical resistance and a very low zero point deviation. The CCTs are available as a temperature-compensated version and a 45°C heated version.

All DigiLine gauges are manufactured in Europe ensuring fast availability and simplified processing.

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