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Pfeiffer Vacuum Presents New Turbopumps—HiPace 350 and HiPace 450

HiPace 350 and 450 provide high performance combined with low weight and a small footprint

Pfeiffer Vacuum HiPace 450 vacuum pump
  • Offers high performance combined with low weight and small footprint
  • Robust bearing design guarantees reliability
  • Provides high pumping speed for light gases
by Pfeiffer Vacuum
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ASSLAR, GERMANY — December 9, 2020 — With the HiPace 350 and 450, Pfeiffer Vacuum presents a turbopump especially dedicated for applications like mass spectrometry, electron-microscopy, metrology tools, particle accelerators, and plasma physics. In addition to analytical, vacuum-process and semiconductor technology, their broad range of applications also includes coating, research and development, and industrial applications.

HiPace 350 and 450 provide high performance combined with low weight and a small footprint. Based on a hybrid bearing, a combination of ceramic ball bearings on the fore-vacuum side and permanently magnetic radial bearings on the high vacuum side, these HiPace turbopumps have a particularly robust bearing design and guarantee reliability.

The sophisticated rotor design of the turbopumps results in a high pumping speed for light gases. High backing pump compatibility and high gas throughput as well as excellent compression for light gases are made possible by the innovative rotor design. The rotor design provides high cost-efficiency and flexibility, which allows the pumps to be installed in any orientation.

“These turbopumps are the best combination of size and performance. HiPace 350 and 450 stands for compact and powerful turbopumps in the pumping speed range of 300 to 700 l/s and an extraordinary pumping speed for light gases," says Florian Henss, head of product management, turbopumps.

The integrated HiPace drive electronics offers a variety of communication interfaces, including ProfiNet and EtherCat, without any increase in physical size. Remote and sensor functionalities allow the analysis of pump data, such as temperatures. Their quiet operation and improved gas loads are setting new standards in the vacuum industry. The pumps are certified to Semi S2, UL, CSA, and Nema 12.

Bearing maintenance on-site is possible. Bearing exchange can be done on customer site. The pumps can run up to five years without service.