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Phase Technology Releases DFA-70Xi Diesel Fuel Analyzer

New model is first of its kind for petroleum industry

by PAC
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Houston, TX, USA – March, 2018 – PAC is pleased to announce that it has launched the Phase Technology DFA-70Xi, the world’s first 4-in-1 analyzer that tests diesel fuel viscosity, density, cloud, and pour point.

Phase Technology DFA-70XiThe multi-function DFA-70Xi automatically performs all four critical tests in less than 25 minutes. With just the touch of a single button, the analyzer delivers real-time results via a 15” color touchscreen display.

The DFA-70Xi is completely self-cleaning, without the need of solvents. The otherwise time-consuming, tedious task is totally avoided, freeing laboratory staff to concentrate on other job duties.

Using its own self-contained thermoelectric cooling and heating systems, the DFA-70Xi does not require an external liquid bath as commonly found with conventional viscometers. There are no glass tubes, thereby eliminating the risk of injury and contamination.

The DFA-70Xi offers the best measured repeatability and reproducibility of any comparable automatic or manual test method. Kinematic viscosity is compliant with ASTM D7945, with perfect correlation to ASTM D445 and IP 71. Cloud point is compliant with ASTM D5773 and IP 446, with perfect correlation to ASTM D2500 and IP 219. Pour point is compliant with ASTM D5949, with perfect correlation to ASTM D97 and IP 15. Density complies with ASTM D4052 and IP 365.

The new DFA-70Xi combines versatility and convenience with the proven reliability and precision Phase Technology analyzer users have enjoyed for decades. The new model includes all the standard data exporting capabilities, including easy connection to LIMS systems.

The DFA-70Xi can also be configured to include the capability of testing freeze point of jet fuel. An optional 48-position autosampler is also available.

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