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Phenomenex Publishes Biofuels Analysis Guide

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Torrance, CA (May 2, 2008) - Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the manufacture of separation science consumables, announces the availability of a new publication, "The Essential Guide for Biofuel Analysis."  Designed to meet the needs of the growing biofuels industry, the new guide provides technology information and troubleshooting tips for biofuel production monitoring and QC analysis.  This 12-page booklet is available free of charge via e-mail request to

"Phenomenex is unique in biofuel analysis because we offer both HPLC and GC solutions," explained Ngoc Nguyen, brand manager.  "In addition to the broad product suite, we are known for customer service and support, which is very important to this new and growing field."

Phenomenex solutions for biofuels analysis feature Rezex™ ROA HPLC columns, for bioethanol fermentation analysis and monitoring, and the Zebron™ GC column line.  The Zebron line includes ZB-1 columns for traditional ethanol measurement, ZB-Bioethanol columns for fast analysis of ethanol content and the ZB-5HT Inferno™ column for high temerature analysis of glycerin in biodiesel.

Phenomenex is a global technology leader committed to developing novel separation, purification and analytical chemistry solutions for the life sciences and related industries.  Phenomenex's core technologies include products for liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, sample preparation, bulk purification chromatographic media, and chromatography accessories and equipment.  For more information on Phenomenex, visit