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Phoseon Technology Introduces KeyReact™ UV Light Sources for Photochemical Processes

Improved yields, fewer lamp replacements, no mercury waste

by Phoseon Technology
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Phoseon Technology

HILLSBORO, OR — August 6, 2020 — Phoseon Technology introduces KeyReact™ UV light sources for photochemical processes. Phoseon’s light sources differentiate themselves through superior performance and real-world reliability for any environment. Solid state UV technology delivers significant benefits, including increased production speeds and cost reduction through energy savings and is environmentally friendly, with no ozone emissions generated.

Specific UV light wavelength-intensity combinations create molecular interactions that result in the synthesis or separation of chemical compounds. From anti-cancer (Hydroxycamptothecin) or anti-malaria (artemisinin) drugs to powerful precursors (carbon tetrachloride), photochemistry has been the ideal mechanism for many chemical compound production systems in pharmaceutical, agricultural, cosmetic, petrochemical, plastics, dyes, and toxic waste disposal applications.

Photochemistry is revolutionizing the industrial chemistry landscape, but has long been tied to the limitations of UV mercury lamps. UV LED lamps are the perfect substitute to mercury and solve common shortcomings of the currently used light source. Phoseon is ready to lead the chemical industry into a new generation of innovative technology.

Phoseon Technology

Phoseon Technology