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Pittcon 2019 Product Roundup

If your lab identifies, quantifies, analyzes, or tests the chemical or biological properties of molecules or compounds, then these are some of the must-see products featured at Pittcon 2019.

by Lab Manager
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Labconco: Freezone Triad

The FreeZone Triad Benchtop Freeze Dryers offer it all for lyophilization: stoppering tray dryer and sample freeze drying with four sample valves on the left side. Samples for both types of freeze drying can be run at once. The chamber pre-freezes samples to save money and time, eliminating the need for a separate freezer and product transfer.

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Bruker: Senterra II

Dispersive Raman with fastest mapping and imaging 100 spectra per second.

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Ohaus: Frontier 5513 High-Speed Micro Centrifuge

The FC5513 is a high-speed benchtop microliter centrifuge capable of generating 17,317 × g with four optional rotors, designed for a range of essential lab applications. Engineered with convenient operation in mind, the FC5513 features a uniquely designed splash-proof front panel with touchwheel control on an intuitive interface. The compact design saves valuable bench space in the lab.

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Hemco: UniFlow Laboratory Fume Hoods

UniFlow AireStream low flow high performance fume hoods feature an exclusive all composite resin construction that is chemical resistant, flame retardant, lightweight, and meets UL 1805, SEFA 1, ASHRAE 110, and ANSI Z9.5 standards. These hoods have a molded one-piece seamless composite resin interior fume chamber that has all coved corners and is white for superior light reflectivity. Available in sizes from 30” to 96” wide and in depths of 24” to 48”, and in CAV (air bypass) or VAV (restricted bypass) models.

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BrandTech Scientific: BRAND® Liquid Handling Station Flow Pipetting Robot

The BRAND® Liquid Handling Station flow is a new pipetting robot that provides HEPA-filtered, laminar air flow sample protection for automated handling of volumes from 1 to 1000 μL.

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Parker: H2PEMPD Hydrogen Generator

The H2PEMPD is an excellent source of ultra-pure, dry hydrogen used to provide fuel gas for chromatographs, producing up to 1300 cc/minute of pure fuel and carrier gas at up to 175 psig.

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Horiba: LA-960 Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Proven particle analysis. The HORIBA LA-960 leads the pack with its robust optical bench, reliability, strong applications support, and easy-to-use software. Visit HORIBA at booth 2607 for expert particle analysis advice and a discussion of how the LA-960 can meet your laser diffraction needs.

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Adam Equipment: Equinox Balances

Equinox balances feature a large color touchscreen display with icon-driven menus for intuitive operation. USB and RS-232 interfaces enable easy data capture and speedy connection to computers and printers.

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Pfeiffer Vacuum: HiPace 700 H Turbopumps

The Pfeiffer Vacuum HiPace 700 H turbopump has the highest level of compression for H2 and is able to achieve an extreme ultra high vacuum pressure of 10-11 mbar.

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Milestone: Ultrawave

Milestone’s UltraWAVE has revolutionized how industrial and research laboratories prep samples for analysis. Patented Single Reaction Chamber technology transcends traditional closed and open vessel digestion offering significantly greater digestion capabilities.

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Aries Filterworks: Phoenix Ultra-High Purity Water System

The Phoenix Ultra High-Purity Water System from Aries Filterworks produces Type I lab water for all applications using premium quality media with low cost of ownership. Standard features include high capacity quick-change cartridges, internal recirculation, resistivity monitoring and leak detection. TOC monitoring and multiple mounting options are available. Free start-up cartridges and two-year warranty. Made in the USA.

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OI Analytical: Flow Solution 3700 Automation Chemistry Analyzers

Accurate, reliable automated chemistry analysis Optimize your process by automating wet chemical analysis of validated ASTM, ISO, and USEPA methods. Versatile and easy-to-use, the Flow Solution™ 3700 Automated Chemistry Analyzer features interchangeable chemistry cartridges and detectors, an enhanced user interface, and intuitive controls. It is ideal for daily compliance monitoring and measuring a multitude of parameters including cyanide, nutrient pollutants, phenolics, surfactants, and more.

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Fritsch: Automated Mortar & Pestle

FRITSCH PULVERISETTE 2 is a universal grinder for gentle fine grinding to ≥10um. Ideal for analysis, QC/QA, R&D, and materials testing. Safe and easy for solids, liquids, and suspensions. Reliable, reproducible, loss & dust free. Cryogenic use grinds even difficult samples with moist, fibrous or elastic structures. Mitigate risk to users, samples, and the lab environment. Gain efficiency, accuracy, and safety.

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Vacuubrand PC 3001 VARIO® SELECT

The new, easy-to-use VACUU·SELECT® controller features an application-based touch-screen interface that covers all common lab vacuum processes. Use the preloaded applications or create your own with the drag-and-drop editor. – Integrated into the PC 3001 VARIO® select pump, you can run fully automated evaporations at the touch of a button. The VACUU·SELECT controller continuously detects solvent boiling and automatically adjusts the pump’s motor speed to maintain process control, minimizing process time while preventing bumping and foaming.

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MilliporeSigma: MILLI-Q® IQ 7003/7005

MilliporeSigma has completely redesigned its flagship Milli-Q® product, launching the new Milli-Q® IQ 7003/7005 ultrapure and pure lab water system. Now more easy-to-use, compact and sustainable, this fullyintegrated system delivers consistently superior quality Type 1 &Type 2 water directly from tap water.

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