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Pittcon Announces Wide Variety of Short Courses to Enhance Skills for Laboratory Professionals

Courses range from beginner and intermediate to advanced levels.

by Pittcon
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Short course chairman Kerry HolzworthShort course chairman Kerry Holzworth.PittconPittsburgh, PA. February 11, 2015 -Pittcon is pleased to announce the 2015 Short Courses (March 7-12). With more than 100 from which to choose, there are a wide variety of classes covering relevant topics in food science, water/wastewater, environmental, life science, pharmaceutical, nanotechnology, fuels and analytical chemistry. In addition to specific disciplines, lab management courses are a significant part of the program focusing on communications, time management, technical writing, statistics, lab safety, compliance and best practices.

This year there are more than 40 new courses added in subjects such as forensics, statistics, separations, LIMS, LC/GC, mass spectrometry, nanotechnology and lab management—to name a few. 

Short Course Chairman Kerry Holzworth commented, “Participating in a short course helps laboratory personnel to achieve educational and developmental career goals.” He added, “The cutting edge techniques and methodologies presented enable attendees to better understand current events and trends.” 

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