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February/March 2010 Pittcon Technology News

This article features the newest technology that will be showcased at Pittcon 2010.

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PMB Moisture Analyzer
Booth 2605

  • PMB53 provides moisture determination results at 0.01%/1mg with a capacity of 50g
  • PMB202 provides results at 0.05%/10mg with a capacity of 200g
  • Tests can be run at virtually any location and results stored on the spot
  • A USB I/O port and bi-directional RS-232 interface are included for multi-connectivity

Adam Equipment

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6100B Series Single Quadrupole LC/MS
Booth 2249

  • Features a quieter turbo pump
  • Small footprint: only 15 inches of linear bench space needed
  • Fully resolved peaks are not required for mass spectral analysis, allowing shortened chromatographic runs and reduced sample preparation
  • Includes various integrated validation features to help meet regulatory requirements

Agilent Technologies

Trace 1300 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
Booth 2025

  • Features quick auto-switch between Flame and GF atomizers
  • Fast wavelength scan takes 30 seconds to scan from 190-900 nm
  • Automatic acetylene flow rate control ensures hands-free operation
  • Features a built-in camera in the GF system for efficient method development

Aurora Instruments

SpeedDigester K-439 Infrared Digestion System
Booth 1131

  • Pre-programmed with 20 commonly used methods and can store up to 50 methods
  • Heating chamber distributes heat to every sample, with no foaming
  • Features a tight exhaust manifold that connects to the B-414 scrubber to remove digestion vapors
  • Compatible with 300 ml sample tubes for standard Kjeldahl methods and 500 ml sample tubes


Rotavapor® R-220 SE (Second Edition) Rotary Evaporator
Booth 1131

  • EasyClamp permits fast and safe installations while securing glass joints
  • New control panel provides bath, vapor and cooling temperatures without complex menu navigation
  • Features a new level sensor and USB module, which can record data and interface with peripheral equipment
  • An optional safety enclosure can be attached, which doesn’t restrict access to glassware


Lead Selenide and Lead Sulfide Detectors with Integrated Electronics
Booth 2209

  • Expand measurement dynamic range, providing greater resolution for low signal detection
  • New technology reduces sensor footprint by up to 50% and lowers system costs
  • Provide temperature stabilization and lower power requirements
  • Ideal for many applications, including gas analysis, thermal imaging and flame detection

Cal Sensors

WDXRF Portaspec® X Series X-Ray Analyzer
Booth 1820

  • Performs multi-elemental analysis in the range of Ti to U
  • Ideal for measuring coating weights of both chrome and titanium pretreatment
  • An adjustable goniometer allows a user to analyze up to five elements, one at a time
  • Features an easy-to-load, two-position sample holder

Cianflone Scientific

1190 Particle Size Analyzer
Booth 2072

  • Incorporates three lasers for highest accuracy from 0.04 to 2,500 microns.
  • Switch between dispersion modes without having to switch hardware or realign the system
  • Optical components are permanently mounted on a cast iron base plate to ensure system is always aligned
  • Fully compliant with ISO 13320 and 21 CFR Part 11 standard

Cilas Particle Size

Pressure Swing Adsorption ASAP 2050 Xtended Pressure Sorption Analyzer (xPSA)
Booth 1721

  • Features a pressure transducer capable of operating from vacuum to 10 atmospheres
  • May be used with a large variety of gases, including nitrogen, propane, butane and argon
  • Includes two independent vacuum systems, allowing simultaneous preparation of two samples
  • Sample prep and analysis can occur without interruption or cross-contamination


Spectrometer for NIR Applications NIRQuest
Booth 3131

  • Available in versions for 900-1,700 nm, 900-2,050 nm and 900-2,500 nm coverage
  • Uses a high-performance Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs)-array detector
  • Features grating and external triggering for high-resolution laser characterization
  • Capable of integration times as rapid as 1 ms

Ocean Optics

Product Spotlight


The new GC-2010 Plus Capillary gas chromatograph from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments meets the increased demands of trace-level analysis, ensuring data quality for a wide range of applications. With a redesigned collection of detectors that feature market-leading sensitivity and quick heating and cooling, the GC-2010 Plus improves separation performance, increases sample throughput and reduces operator time.

Third-generation Advanced Flow Controllers (AFC) support high-speed analysis at a maximum pressure of 970 kPa and 1,200 mL/minute maximum flow rate. Incorporating a double-jet cooling system and optimized air flow channels, the instrument enables a rapid cooling time of 450°C to 50°C in 3.4 minutes, allowing the next analysis to start sooner.

The unit’s detectors have been redesigned for greater compactness and higher sensitivity. The compact flame photometric detector (FPD) uses a condenser lens and total reflection system with mirrors for improved flame stability. Using clean detector gas flows and low-noise cables, the flame ionization detector (FID) achieves double the sensitivity of previous Shimadzu detectors, ensuring a minimum detected quantity of 1.5 pgC/s.

Reduced analysis time is achieved through the use of a backflushing system that reverses the flow of carrier gas. After all target compounds are detected, residual substances are backflushed from inside the column to the injection port.

For more information, visit or visit booth 2069 at Pittcon 2010 in Orlando, Florida. Mark Taylor, GC product manager, can be reached at, or by phone at 800-477-1227 x.1896.

Masterflex L/S® Digital Pump Drives
Booth 2141

  • Feature high-accuracy motors and graphical interface for easier setup and operation
  • Brushless motor features a 6,000:1 turndown ratio for wider flow range
  • Enhanced dispensing features include volume dispense, timed dispense and copy/repeat
  • Programmable dispense interval allows hands-free dispensing and filling


Series 542 Gas Distribution and Management System
Booth 3141

  • Built for use in the event of power loss or insufficient amount of gas
  • Automatically activates the reserve to provide gas supply without interruption
  • Check valves prevent back flow to the generator or reserve cylinder
  • Features a web server with proprietary software enabling remote programming and monitoring


Grace VisionHT™ HPLC Columns
Booth 3721

  • Provide ultra-fast separations for greater efficiency, sensitivity and resolution
  • Features a 12,000 psi rating, compatible with all ultra high-pressure LC systems
  • Optimized 1.5 μm media with ultra-low volume hardware
  • Features six high purity phases, each with unique separation benefits

Grace Davison Discovery Sciences

XDS MasterLab™ Near-Infrared (NIR) System
Booth 2504

  • Integrated variable spot size for optimal sample illumination
  • Capable of non-destructive analysis of solids and liquids in less than a minute
  • Features network-ready analyzer for centralized database management
  • Change modules in minutes with no compromise in performance

FOSS NIR Systems

Toy Analysis for Consumer Safety iCAP 6200 ICP Spectrometer
Booth 2757

  • Offers simple ‘out-of-box’ operation for rugged and consistent day-to-day sample analysis
  • Features compact design and simultaneous dual-view ICP emission spectrometer
  • Provides cost-effective analytical solution in labs with standard sample throughput requirements
  • Offers pre-optimized sample introduction settings and analysis-ready software method templates

Thermo Fisher Scientific

GC Leak Detector GLD PRO
Booth 2757

  • Designed for use with GC systems and their accessories, such as purge and trap systems
  • Detects smallest gas leaks (
  • Features thin, pencil-tip probe to pinpoint the leak site in hard-to-reach locations
  • Offers side grips for added durability and onehanded operation

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Product Spotlight


JEOL’s new ClairScope™ enables uncompromised observation of samples in their native state using a light microscope (LM) and an atmospheric scanning electron microscope (ASEM) to significantly reduce sample prep time and allow dynamic observation of real time processes.

The wide-field light microscope with emersion lens is co-axially aligned with the inverted electron column, making it easy to switch between LM and ASEM without moving the specimen dish. Samples can be observed dynamically at room temperature and at atmosphere, without having to wait for drying processes.

The specimen dish features an ultrathin SiN (silicon nitride) film window that separates the sample in atmosphere from the vacuum in the ASEM. An electron beam is projected from below to the sample on the film for high resolution imaging of the sample in atmosphere. The dish also makes it possible to add reagents, drugs and other substances to the sample in order to observe reactions in both liquid and gas environments.

Ideal for the life science and materials industries, dynamic processes such as platelet generation, microbe growth, crystallization, electrochemical reactions and dendrite growth can be followed in real time. No other products, add-ons or consumables are required, other than the sample holders.

For more information, or visit booth 2731 at Pittcon 2010 in Orlando, Florida. Donna Guarrera, assistant director SM Division at JEOL, can be reached, or by phone at 978-535-5900.


Sievers InnovOx On-Line TOC Analyzer
Booth 3645

  • Able to handle tough samples like brine and discharge water, with minimal maintenance
  • Uses a Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO) technique to achieve superior TOC recoveries
  • Features a wide dynamic operating range of 0.5 to 50,000 parts per million TOC
  • Includes extended calibration stability and user-configurable alarms and outputs

GE Analytical Instruments

C11118GA Process NIR Spectrometer
Booth 2326

  • Capable of measuring all wavelengths simultaneously, preventing data blur from rapidly changing samples
  • Proprietary master transmission grating provides higher performance from 2,000 to 2,550 nm
  • Programmable integration times range from 6 to 40,000 μs covering 900 to 2,550 nm
  • Features seven selectable triggering modes and two gain modes


CMS5000 Monitoring System
Booth 620

  • For continuous, unattended remote monitoring of water or air
  • Analyzes and quantifies Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) for accurate results within minutes
  • Requires virtually no operator involvement after initial installation and setup
  • CMS IQ software enables management of sample collection and analysis sequence


I-Graph X Portable Gas Chromatograph
Booth 3505

  • No external carrier gas supply required
  • Integrated vacuum pump allows for measurement of non-pressurized samples
  • Features active column cooling, allowing for a lower starting temperature
  • Analysis time ranges from 30 seconds to 3 minutes


3Q Molecular Analzyer™ Series A Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
Booth 1857

  • Features a UniField™ ion detector capable of instant polarity switching
  • Includes multi-orthoganal HSID™ technology combined with enhanced flow for smooth transfer of ions with minimal loss
  • Torrent™ coaxial flow ion source provides high sensitivity for a wide flow rate range
  • Vertical orientation decreases required bench space

IONICS Mass Spectrometry Group

NRS-5000/7000 Series Raman Spectrometers
Booth 3457

  • Capable of integrating as many as 8 excitation lasers from the UV to the NIR
  • Offer high-speed imaging using the Software Programmable Raman Integration System (SPRIntS)
  • Verti-Scan ensures consistent confocal sample excitation for undistorted 3D images
  • Dual Spatial Filtering reduces sample fluorescence while enhancing spatial resolution


AQUA COUNTER® Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator
Booth 2810

  • Allows two titration stations to run parallel with various volumetric/coulometric combinations
  • Reduces the use of expensive KF reagents
  • Features an ultra-trace moisture measurement mode accurate to ≤10μgH20
  • Equipped with a built-in thermal printer with high resolution printouts

JM Science

iVisc Capillary Viscometer
Booth 3108

  • Capable of calculating polymer data, such as SV-, IV-, and K-values
  • Measurement of kinematic viscosity in accordance with DIN 51562 and ASTM D445
  • Employs energy-efficient technology; only 1 watt power consumption
  • A proprietary thermostat can be used to stabilize temperature


TD-100™ Thermal Desorption Instrument for VOC and SVOC Analysis
Booths 1806 and 1808

  • Incorporates sample re-collection for repeat analysis and electrical cooling to lower running costs
  • Couples to any make of GC or GC/MS and complies with standard methods
  • Capable of the sequential analysis of up to 100 sorbent tubes
  • Includes RFID sample sorbent tube tracking technology (TubeTAG™)

Markes International

MMS-4000 Thermogravimetric Analyzer
Booth 2156

  • Features auto loader with capacity for 77 samples
  • Furnace carousel, balance pedestal and crucibles are made of a special metal alloy for high temperatures
  • Device can operate without user attention
  • Temperature range of 50°C to 1000°C, ± 1°C

Navas Instruments

MC500 Multi-Parameter Colorimeter
Booth 2008

  • Features a 6 LED photodetector array which supports 70 pre-programmed methods and 20 user-defined methods
  • Uses proprietary “Open Reagent System,” which uses Powder Packs, tablets and liquid reagents
  • Internal memory can store up to 1,000 data sets
  • Comes with 24 mm sample cells, 10 mm sample cells and 16 mm tube adapter


KrudKatcher™ Ultra Column Protection Device
Booth 3659

  • Rated up to 20,000 psi (1,375 bar), making it compatible with the highest pressure UHPLC columns
  • Removes microparticulates from LC flow stream, without contributing to system backpressure
  • Can be used with columns from 1.0 to 4.6 mm in diameter
  • Includes an integrated 0.5 μm 316 stainless steel filter element


HPR Series Reactors for High Pressure Chemistry
Booth 2523

  • Range in size from 50 ml to 4 L and may be operated up to 10,000 psi and 350°C
  • Feature a magnetically coupled impeller for optimal mixing
  • Compact enough to fit easily inside a fume hood
  • All high pressure components are ASME rated and protected by a rupture disc for safe operation

Supercritical Fluid Technologies

GC-2010 Plus Capillary Gas Chromatograph
Booth 2069

  • Employs Advanced Flow Technology, a redesigned suite of detectors with heightened sensitivity and fast heating and cooling
  • Features a backflush system to prevent column deterioration and detector contamination
  • Redesigned oven enables rapid heating and cooling: cools from 450°C to 50°C in 3.4 minutes
  • Gas-saver function saves carrier gas exhausting from the split line by incorporating a decreasing split ratio

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

RF-20A and RF-20Axs Fluorescence Detectors
Booth 2069

  • Use a newly designed optical system to achieve high sensitivity levels
  • RF-20A has a water Raman S/N ratio of at least 1,200 and 2,000 for RF-20Axs
  • Provide 10 ms response, permitting ultra-fast LC without loss of separation
  • Allow highly sensitive, multi-component analysis using wavelength switching via a time program

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

GFM Pro Flowmeter
Booth 2757

  • Capable of measuring both positive and negative vacuum flows from 0.5 to 500 ml/min and -0.5 to -500 ml/min
  • Measures the volumetric flow of any gas with an accuracy of ± 2%
  • Unit deploys an automatic shut-off when the measured flow exceeds 600 ml/min
  • Ideal for use with any gas, even those that are flammable or explosive

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Booth 735

  • Now available with rechargeable batteries that last up to 6 hours
  • New high-speed capillary GC is combined with a mini torodial ion trap mass spectrometer (TMS)
  • Features an on-board helium carrier gas cartridge
  • Electronic pressure control (EPC) of helium carrier gas provides rapid separation of analytes in less than 3 minutes


Mobile Perfluoronated Tracer (PFT) Analyzer
Booth 2252

  • For the analysis of feeder oil leaks in high voltage feeder lines
  • Uses dual ambient sorbent trabs to trap and desorb an ambient air sample to a GC every 90 seconds
  • Sampling is fully automated by Wasson-ECE’s control software
  • When the system detects a PFT leak, an alarm is sounded and the leak is marked on a GPS map


SYNAPT™ G2 Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
Booth 3155

  • Features a data acquisition rate of 20 spectra per second
  • Employs QuanTof Technology, to ensure exact mass data in UPLC® timeframes
  • Delivers simple and rapid data interpretation using MassLynx™ Informatics
  • Includes IntelliStart™ Technology for simplified system setup and automatic control


Booth 3155

  • 1.7 μm columns for size-exclusion chromatography
  • For identification and quantification of glycan profiles from biopharmaceutical proteins
  • Applies UPLC technology for quantitative analysis of proteins, such as therapeutic mAbs
  • Features eCord™ Technology for recording critical individual column use parameters




Independence™ Ductless Fume Hood
Booth 2741

  • Silconazyne™ allows for one gas phase filter that fits most gas phase applications
  • On-board chemical database features more than 1,000 approved chemicals
  • Includes a built-in gas analyzer that produces absolute exhaust and Interfilter™ values
  • Includes AirClean® Operating System, written entirely by AirClean® Systems

AirClean Systems

Purair Advanced Ductless Fume Hoods
Booth 3913

  • Face velocity at 100 fpm ensures containment of fumes
  • An alarm will alert the operator when the airflow falls to an unacceptable level
  • The work area features a removable spillage tray which can be easily cleaned
  • Main filter can be chosen from 14 different types of carbon

Air Science

Powder Flow Tester
Booth 3111

  • Minimizes the downtime and expense that occur when hoppers/silos fail to discharge
  • Features various test options, such as Flow Function, Wall Friction and Bulk Density
  • Choice of Flow Function tests: Demo, Standard or High Precision
  • Compact, vertical design with small footprint fits easily on workbench

Brookfield Engineering

Nano Spray Dryer B-90
Booth 1131

  • Heater technology is based on porous metal foam for laminar gas flow in drying chamber
  • Optimal energy input guarantees fast heating times up to 120°C
  • Dried particles are separated by an electrostatic particle collector
  • Produces submicron or nanoparticles from 300 nm to 5 μm with narrow distribution

Buchi Corporation

Product Spotlight


Hybcell is the first DNA or protein microarray based on the use of cylinders instead of slides. These cylindrical microarrays yield robust hybridization and reproducible results by rotational sample agitation.

The hybcells are robotically processed by the hyborg—a fully automated, compact device that can hold up to 96 hybcells at a time. Hyborg integrates thermocycler, hybridization station and scanner all in one unit. Temperatures, buffers and multiple scans are freely configurable, providing the greatest flexibility and kinetic analysis.

In typical microbiology, where it can take 48 hours for a sample to produce results, hybcell technology provides results within ten minutes for a multiplexed ELISA, up to two hours for a compact sequencing application, all while delivering hundreds of results for a single sample (presence of bacteria, viruses, genes, antibodies, etc).

Hybcell technology offers selectivity (elimination of unspecific binding effects), measurement of binding kinetics, assay versatility, fully automated assay operation and minimum user intervention.

Hybcells can be filled by either a pipette or automated robot. Each sample is then linked to a unique bar code. Once the hybcells are transferred to the hyborg, all further processes are automated, reducing the risk of user errors.

For more information, visit CEO Christoph Reschreiter can be reached at, or by phone at +43 7252 58193-0.

Nitrogen Generators NitroVap-1LV and NitroVap-2LV
Booth 1557

  • Produce more than 320 LPM of pure evaporationgrade nitrogen
  • Require less than 1 square foot of bench space and can supply more than 100 evaporator nozzle positions
  • Use a combination of filtration and membrane separation technologies
  • High-efficiency coalescing filters remove all contaminants down to 0.01 micron

Parker Balston

Continuous Roll Microplate Heat Sealer TriSeal Pro

  • Includes a 610 meter film roll, enabling up to 5,000 plates to be sealed without intervention
  • Features a turntable design, which allows simultaneous loading, unloading and sealing
  • Capable of sealing three plates per minute
  • Features adjustable temperature control from 50°C to 185°C

Porvair Sciences

Traceable® Conductivity/ TDS/Salinity Meter
Booth 3331

  • Elimination of operator technique lets everyone in the lab report identical readings
  • Features instant-response probe and solid-state thermistor for precise readings
  • Dual display shows reading and temperature
  • Features a tough, chemical-resistant, waterproof ABS housing

Control Company

ANALYSETTE 22 Micro Tec Plus Laser Particle Sizer
Booth 1829

  • Features extra-wide measuring range of 0.08 – 2,000 μm
  • Employs dual-laser technology
  • Wet dispersion unit includes a centrifugal pump for transporting even heavy particles
  • Measuring cells come in convenient cartridges



PULVERISETTE 6 Planetary Ball Mill Premium Line
Booth 1829

  • Features automatic imbalance compensation and a grinding bowl lock system
  • Able to grind larger sample quantities down into the nano range
  • Includes a special emptying device with 2 sieves for grinding bowls
  • EASY GTM ensures the set grinding parameters are not exceeded


Specialty Gas Control Panel P3500 Series
Booth 2846

  • Provides continuous gas supply without interrupting the system during cylinder replacement
  • When primary bank is nearly empty, the reserve bank will automatically supply gas to the system
  • Each regulator is mounted on individual panels for in-line repair
  • Available in either stainless steel or brass; single- or dual-stage configurations

Genstar Technologies

U-Series Nebulizers for ICP
Booth 3171

  • Sample channel is uniform from entry point to tip to prevent blockages
  • VitriCone construction, with heavy glass capillary, resists vibration
  • UniFit sample connector provides a simple connection with no dead volume
  • Compatible with all ICP-OES and ICP-MS models

Glass Expansion

ZEUS Pipetting Module for IVD Instruments
Booth 1669

  • Aspirates volumes from 1 μL to 1,000 μL
  • Ideal for any IVD instrument requiring on-board pipetting
  • Qualitative Pipette Monitoring (QPM) automatically detects, reports and handles pipetting errors according to user-defined procedures

Hamilton Company

Micron Air Jet Sieve
Booth 1641

  • Employs the pneumatic sieving principle for enhanced accuracy and reproducibility of particle size analysis
  • Able to quickly and accurately identify particles ranging from 20 to 4,750 microns
  • Rotating wand eliminates the need for tapping
  • Features a vacuum system for strong, quiet performance

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems

Presto® PLUS Series Temperature Control System
Booth 2747

  • Combines rapid heat-up and cool-down times with wide working temperature ranges
  • Bath fluids can be used with an extended temperature range and a long lifetime
  • Features increased heating capacity, adjustable fluid flow and stability to ±0.01°C
  • Includes splash-proof keypad

Julabo USA

FlexStream™ Modular Gas Standards Generator
Booth 1650

  • Offers total flexibility for creating precision gas mixtures
  • Features up to six independently controlled channels
  • Can be controlled remotely by a PC or process computer using Modbus® connectivity
  • Features an internal microprocessor to set the operating mode and adjust dilution flow

KIN-TEK Laboratories

Purifier® Cell Logic® Biosafety Cabinets
Booth 1020

  • Scope-Ready™ feature allows a customer-supplied microscope to be integrated into the cabinet
  • Pure-Vu™ Seal allows a clear view into the cabinet
  • Features a Stand-Still Isolation Platform which reduces vibration up to 300%
  • Temp-Zone™ option keeps heated or chilled samples at their ideal temperatures


Product Spotlight


KNF Neuberger designed its new SIMDOS® diaphragm liquid dosing pump with simplicity and ease in mind. Ideally suited for transferring corrosive liquids in the lab, the pump is available with a variety of wetted materials, including PTFE/FFPM.

The SIMDOS pump achieves fast, precise calibration within a short amount of time, transferring liquids at a flow rate of 0 to 100 ml per minute. Offering consistent reliability throughout entire processes, SIMDOS makes programming and access of all functions simple and intuitive.

Safety is a definite concern, with the pump head located outside the splash-protected IP-65 housing. The pump is safe to run dry and is self-priming in up to 9 feet of water. It can handle pressures of up to 90 psig and can transfer viscous media up to 150 centistokes.

Roland Anderson, laboratory product manager at KNF Neuberger, says SIMDOS has many benefits over conventional pumps. “Most people use a peristaltic pump,” he said. “When you factor in the bending and aging of the tubing, performance starts to vary over time. The [SIMDOS] doesn’t use any tubing, and it gives consistent results throughout its life.”

The pump’s electronic display, combined with a touch control knob, makes accessing all of its functions very simple. “It’s designed so it’s plug and play,” Anderson added. “You can plug it in… walk away, and have it dose in the way you programmed it.”

For more information, visit or visit booth 1935 at Pittcon 2010 in Orlando, Florida. Roland Anderson, Laboratory Product Manager, can be reached at or by phone at 609-890- 8600 ext. 241.


852 Titrando
Booth 1121

  • Automatically recognizes sample additions
  • Features fully automatic reagent exchange
  • Bromine index can be determined
  • Dosino® dosing technology eliminates build-up of air bubbles

Metrohm USA

G7893 Glassware Washer
Booth 869

  • A complete washing and drying cycle takes one hour
  • Saves space with a 24-inch footprint
  • Incorporates true HEPA-filtered forced-air drying
  • A cool-down step can be programmed at the end of cycle to ensure glassware is safe to handle


PG8527 Glassware Washer
Booth 869

  • Cleans hundreds of pieces of glassware, using minimal water, detergent and electricity
  • Features gentle start pumps so small items can be safely cleaned
  • Features split-level cleaning so tall and short items can be cleaned in one wash load
  • Includes a maintenance-free conductivity monitor and a self-draining wash chamber


Q-POD® Element Unit
Booth 1769

  • Ensures delivery of ultrapure water with very low levels of elemental contamination
  • Features a footswitch for hands-free water delivery
  • Ideal for use in a Class 1000 clean room environment
  • Supplies water in volumes required by the user (up to 1.5 L/min)


Centrifan™ Recirculating Evaporator
Booth 3109

  • Dramatically accelerates the evaporation of aqueous and organic solvents
  • Operates without a vacuum pump, to prevent sample bumping or cross contamination
  • Eliminates oil cleanups, heat, noise and tubing typically associated with a vacuum pump
  • Available with various rotor configurations

Modular SFC

Wood Casework
Booth 3334

  • Each cabinet is made to order
  • Cabinets are solid and offered in a unique full top frame
  • Drawers are fully dovetailed in all corners and finished with the same flat line finish as the rest of the cabinets
  • LEED projects are welcomed and encouraged

Mott Manufacturing

Balston H2PEM Series Hydrogen Generators
Booths 1451 and 1557


  • Produce over 510 cc/minute of 99.9995% pure hydrogen
  • Features a unique water hydration circulation system
  • Allow GC users to supply, control and automate all hydrogen gas supplies
  • A single generator can support as many as 20 instruments with fuel gas

Parker Hannafin

LCMS-SF5000NA Super Flow TriGas Generator
Booths 1451 and 1557

  • Produces gas which exceeds the requirements of any LC/MS requiring 3 independent gases
  • Includes self regenerating compressed air dehydration membranes
  • Provides enough gas for a single LC/MS instrument on a continual basis
  • Eliminates the need for expensive, high pressure nitrogen and zero air cylinders

Parker Hannafin

ABN2ZA Nitrogen Generator
Booth 3469

  • Combines two separate gas generator systems in one unit
  • Removes oxygen, moisture and other gases to leave clean, dry, phthalate-free nitrogen and air
  • Fitted casters allow the user to easily position the unit in the lab
  • No external compressor required

Peak Scientific

LaboStar™ Water Purification System
Booth 1111

  • Produces analytical grade water on demand
  • Features easy push-button operation and quick sanitization regimens
  • Recirculation feature maintains optimal water quality while minimizing bacterial growth
  • Produces up to 18 megohm ASTM water quality

Siemens Water Technologies

Compod™ Programmable Control Module
Booth 1634

  • Permits networking of multiple instruments using open-source MODBUS RTU protocol
  • Monitors the functionality of mass flow meters or controllers
  • Controls simple processes without the need for external PLCs or computers
  • Monitors the operation of instruments and provides potential problem alerts

Sierra Instruments

STRIKE300 Rotary Evaporator
Booth 3502

  • Transparent shield protects the user and working environment from moving parts
  • Can be connected to a vacuum controller and/or temperature controller
  • Includes an LCD interface and touch screen
  • Mechanical sealing system guarantees a constant vacuum-tight seal


ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station

  • Lets users quickly and accurately count colonies with quick click software interface
  • Features multiple excitation sources to visualize white light and fluorescent colonies
  • High-resolution digital color camera identifies even the smallest colonies
  • Accommodates plate and filter sizes from 33 mm to 150 mm


Life Science

ChiralRAMAN-2X™ ROA Spectrometer
Booth 1841

  • Combines Raman microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and Raman optical activity in one instrument
  • Applications include structural characterisation of chiral molecules and biologicals such as proteins, sugars and viruses, as well as SERS and SEROA experiments


Product Spotlight

Laser Particle Size Analyzer
Tri-Laser Design Ensures Accuracy Across Entire Measurement Range

The 1190 Particle Size Analyzer from Cilas Particle Size integrates three lasers to provide accuracy and precision from 0.04 to 2,500 microns. Measurements can be made in either liquid or dry dispersion modes and switching modes can be done with a single click of the mouse. The fully programmable dispersion system eliminates the need for the user to change hardware and it can switch between modes without having to be realigned. All optical components are mounted on a rigid cast iron base plate to ensure that the system is always aligned.

The integration of a CCD camera offers users the ability to measure an extended range of samples while maintaining a short bench design, providing for a more rugged tool. This concept allows the measurement range to be extended without increasing the size of the instrument.

Cilas’ ExpertShape Image Analysis software allows for the measurement of shape parameters such as aspect ratio, perimeter, area, shape factor and fiber length. The 1190 also includes a free fall module for users who want to analyze their samples in their naturally agglomerated state.

For more information, visit Product Manager Richard Nameth can be reached at or by phone at 608- 274-7719. Cilas Particle Size will be at Pittcon 2010 in Orlando, Florida at booth 2072.

Cell Imager
Booth 1669

  • Accurately measures cell confluence and growth in 96-well plates
  • Reads an entire 96-well plate in about 5 minutes
  • Two positions allow one plate to be imaged while another is processed
  • Software provides live data tracking for an overview of cell confluence in all plate wells

Hamilton Robotics

F-2700 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
Booth 2041

  • Available in two configurations: stand-alone or PC-controlled
  • Features a signal-to-noise ratio of 800 S/N RMS (Raman band of water at 5 nm bandwidth)
  • With PC control the scan speed can reach 12,000 nm/min
  • Available accessories include automatic sampling and quantum yield measurement

Hitachi High Technologies America

2-D Omni Spray® Ion Source
Booth 1335

  • Based on Desorption Electrospray Ionization (DESI)
  • Features an automated surface platform to enable rapid sampling and surface imaging
  • Can handle samples up to 76 mm by 114 mm (about the size of a 96-well plate)
  • Capable of analyzing 96 sample spots in less than 10 minutes


SR7000DC Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) System
Booth 1760

  • Provides real-time measurements of biomolecular interactions
  • Micro or macro flow cells are available for different surface work
  • Fluidic configurations range from manual to fully automated with an optional autosampler


LIM & Software

HPLC Troubleshooting e-Learning Modules
Booth 4003

  • How to identify problems and recognize the underlying causes
  • Covers blockages, leaks, baseline/peak distortions, component malfunctions, etc.
  • Customization capability enables you to add your own tips to the program
  • Licenses range from short-term to permanent and single computer or network

Academy Savant


MolAna™ Acquisition and Quantitation Software
Booth 1857

  • Provides full data acquisition capability, including multiple overlapping experiments within the same method
  • Enables a user to extract and perform quantitation for data collected in any analysis mode
  • Includes a user-friendly, workflow-oriented interface and simple method setup
  • Features fast curve fitting and integration and import/export capabilities


Nexxis iLAB Laboratory Automation Software
Booth 3969

  • Automatically delivers information from application to application in real time
  • Updates informatics systems as events take place
  • Provides real-time management of lab workflow
  • Controls procedural execution and ensures that SOP requirements are always met



Nexxis ELN Electronic Laboratory Notebook
Booth 3969

  • Provides real-time workflow control and automation for R&D and QA/QC testing
  • Includes a fully searchable system that provides instant access to worksheets and notes
  • ReDI™ technology ensures rapid deployment, transforming existing paper documents into electronic forms that are ready to use in minutes


LimsLink Integration Software
Booth 3969

  • Integrates any instrument to any LIMS, eliminating data entry errors and reducing data review and approval times
  • Includes a fully searchable system for storing raw data
  • Features automatic creation of worklists and sequence files and automatic calculations
  • Interfaces are fully configurable without custom coding


UN-SCAN-IT Graph Digitizing Software
Booth 2903

  • Automatically converts scanned graphs to useful (x, y) data using a simple drag and drop interface
  • Works with any scanner or image input device
  • Can digitize journal graphs, strip chart output, old graphs and other hard-copy graphs
  • Able to integrate peak areas, smooth data, take derivatives, re-scale graphs and store data

Silk Scientific

SmartLab CIMSplus Freedom Workstation
Booth 3973

  • Provides comprehensive tracking and tracing of all consumables
  • Manages all workflows for lab consumables, reagents, solutions, columns, etc.
  • Integrates with pH meters and balances
  • Includes a bar code reader and printer for compliant control


OEM Driver Software SeaBreeze
Booth 3131

  • Basic starting platform can be customized by developers for their own applications and instruments
  • Delivers faster processing and is compact enough to be built directly into spectral libraries smaller than 500k
  • Can be adapted to new platforms by providing a native implementation of bus interfaces for the target
  • Supports most Ocean Optics’ USB spectrometers for Linux and Windows operating systems

Ocean Optics 

Professional SaaS-based LIMS SciLIMS SSM: Professional Edition

  • Eliminates restrictions in many areas (users, container types, storage units, etc)
  • Customizable to the lab’s requirements, without costly administration services
  • Eliminates the need to purchase servers and maintain software
  • Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee


Supplies & Consumables

High-Performance Labels for Histology and Pathology
Booth 2110

  • Include Flexible Lamination After Printing (FLAP) labels to withstand harsh chemicals and stains
  • Labels designed to stay adhered to histology cassettes
  • Designed to withstand the cryogenic process
  • Available as print-on-demand in conjunction with CAB printers and label design software


Cryo Hold Liquid Nitrogen Blank Label
Booth 2110

  • Fully customizable; designed and tested for cryogenic applications
  • Extends Computype’s Cryo Hold series for use with Liquid Nitrogen
  • Resistant to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures
  • Customized to match any laboratory scenario


InGuard™ Sample Prep Cartridges for Ion Chromatography
Booth 969

  • Packed with resins to automatically remove matrix interferences (anions, cations, lipids, etc.)
  • Plumbed directly after the injection loop and before the concentrator column, saving time
  • Available in silver (Ag), hydronium (H), sodium (Na), hydrophilic reversed phase (HRP) and combined Na/HRP
  • Each cartridge can be used several times before needing replacement


OxiClear™ Gas Purifiers
Booth 2837

  • Feature low resistance to gas flow
  • Remove oxygen and trace amounts of water and organics from inert carrier gases
  • Efficient to less than 5 ppb when the incoming oxygen concentration is 15 ppm or less
  • Able to withstand temperatures up to 100°C


OC Line of Lubricants and Thread Sealants
Booth 3208

  • Oxygen compatible and chemical-resistant
  • Thermally stable over a wide temperature range
  • Non-flammable, non-migrating, non-toxic, odorless, waterproof and chemically inert
  • Suitable for high-pressure applications

MPT Industries

Smart pH Cuvettes
Booth 3131

  • Coated with sol gel embedded with Bromocresol Green pH indicator dye
  • Available in plastic (PMMA) or quartz, and measure 1 cm x 1 cm
  • Proprietary pH-sensitive materials can be formulated as self-adhesive patches and integrated into various sample containers
  • Compatible with various sampling devices and fiber optic spectrometers and accessories

Ocean Optics

Plastic Protective Packaging
Booth 4047

  • Over 3,000 types and sizes of packaging for consumer and promotional items
  • Markets include hobby/craft, cutting tool & engineered parts industries and DIY markets
  • Provide custom design, development and production for specific requirements

Rose Plastics 

National Scientific Mass Spec Certified Vials
Booth 2757

  • Manufactured from inert, pure and chemically stable glass
  • Produced under strict quality control protocols for uniformity
  • Feature ultra-high purity bonded PTFE/silicone closures
  • Each vial undergoes verification of 13 critical physical characteristics

National Scientific

A+ Single Element Calibration Standards
Booth 3341

  • Designed for use in ICP-MS, ICP-AES, AA and other spectrometric techniques
  • Assayed in accordance with the High Performance ICP (HP-ICP-AES) method developed by NIST
  • HP-ICP-AES method ensures highest accuracy standards available
  • Provides traceability to NIST

VHG Labs

Microplate 2 mL Compound Storage Plate

  • Provides high integrity sample sealing and near zero well-to-well cross contamination
  • Manufactured from ultra-pure grade polypropylene under clean room conditions
  • Contains no contaminants that can leach into stored samples
  • Complies with ANSI/SBS dimensions, ensuring compatibility with all microplate readers, washers and automated equipment

Porvair Sciences

Universal Valve Actuator
Booth 2315

  • Covered by three actuator versions: high speed, medium speed/torque and high torque
  • Includes a universal 24 volt DC power supply and manual interface
  • CE/RoHS compliant
  • Includes a variety of interface options including RS232/485, USB and BCD

Valco Instruments

HPLC Vials Prominence
Booth 2069

  • The 1.5 mL and 4 mL sample vials use a PTFE/silicone septum
  • Uniformity of vial bottom thickness ensures consistent needle depth from run to run and minimizes user intervention
  • 6 mm opening provides a better target for autosampler needle, for easier filling
  • Available in 1 mL, 1.5 mL, 4 mL, 13 mL, 200 μL and 300 μL sizes




Product Spotlight


The new Axio Imager 2 microscope from Carl Zeiss promotes maximum flexibility and ease of use. The customizable options of the ten stand versions make it easy to achieve optimal performance and functionality. The light manager can store and reproduce the illumination intensities for each magnification, while the motorized stands allow one to select stored contrasting techniques via the contrast manager.

The microscope’s multi-user capabilities can store vital system parameters for up to ten users, making it simple for everyone in the lab to have their settings readily available to them. The Z-stand features a high-performance focus drive, with which a user can perform even the smallest focus movements.

The Axio Imager 2 features a new optical design for the transmitted light beam path and the condensers, permitting homogenous illumination at low magnifications and an even greater working distance. Two added functions are the ability to automatically switch between reflected and transmitted light and the generation of mixed light, for areas of research involving living cells or organic tissue.

The AxioVision software automatically stores important magnification, contrast and illumination data. The triggerable LED light source for Köhler illumination, integrated with the z-piezo insert, offers rapid acquisition of Z-stacks or high resolution overview images.

For more information, visit or visit booths 4051 and 3951 at Pittcon 2010 in Orlando, Florida. Kristen Orlowski, Product Marketing Manager, Light Microscopy, can be reached at, or by phone at 860-316-7648.