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Planning Ahead for a Lab Crisis

Join Lab Manager and our experts as we discuss the importance of advanced planning for crisis management

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All labs need to ask themselves, “If we lost everything—all equipment, all samples, all reagents, and all computers—would we be able to recover?” It doesn’t matter if the cause is a hurricane, an earthquake, a fire, an extended power outage, a blizzard, a pandemic, a ruptured pipe that results in flooding, etc. Anything that prevents staff from getting to work for an extended period, and/or results in the loss of equipment and especially intellectual property, will be covered in this presentation, along with stories of past crises and how they affected laboratories and a case study showing how the outcome would be different between a lab that was prepared for a crisis vs. a lab that was not. At the end of this webinar, participants will leave with the tools they need to write not only their own crisis management plans but also impactful examples to assist them in getting buy-in from their teammates and leaders about the importance of advanced planning for crisis management.


Tracy Wieder
Senior Manager, Facilities Operations and Lab Support
University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

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