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Plastic Concepts Filtered Fume Hood

More and more labs are seeing the benefits of filtered fume hoods made from polypropylene.

by Plastic Concepts Inc.

Designed for multidisciplinary use, customized to your lab space, easy to maintain, and inexpensive to run—these hoods are stealing the show from traditional ducted hoods in labs nationwide.

Erlab's Smart Technology

Optional technology with the eGaurd® app provides real-time monitoring so you know the hood is operating as expected. It tracks things such as:

  • Usage authorization
  • Filter usage
  • Sash position
  • Blower speed
  • Pollution of the laboratory air
  • Temperature in the enclosure
  • Usage statistics

Erlab's Superior Filtration

Advanced filtration technology from Erlab, an international leader in the field of filtered laboratory safety enclosures, allows for the simultaneous adsorption of solvents, acids, and bases and can be used in many organic, inorganic, analytical, physical, and general chemistry labs. HEPA H14 filters are available for particulate filtration and continuous cleaning of lab air.

Custom Design and Superior Craftsmanship

Each hood and filtration system is customized for your unique needs and specifications. Polypropylene is non-corrosive, non-conductive, easy to clean and is long lasting.


Meets or exceeds the stringent industry safety standards: AFNOR NFX 15 211, ANSI z.9 52012, and ASTM.

Plastic Concepts specializes in lab and cleanroom design and manufacturing including fume hoods, casework and cabinets, mobile storage solutions, and lab furniture and accessories.

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