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PolyScience Temperature Control Solutions

For 50 years, PolyScience has been the market leader in liquid temperature control equipment. From un-stirred and circulating baths to industrial-sized chillers, PolyScience has the perfect, precise and reliable solution for your needs.


At PolyScience, our award-winning line of precise temperature control equipment has been manufactured in the United States for 60 years with the same core values in mind—quality reliability, durability, and...

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In laboratory settings, there are many applications that require temperature control: from GC-MS to rotary evaporators, from plasma thawing to electrophoresis. PolyScience provides solutions for them all.

Our award-winning line of circulating baths introduces a multitude of innovative features, including touch screen displays, the patented Swivel 180™ rotating controller technology and DuraTop™ - the heat resistant, easy-to-clean patented top deck material. Not only do these circulating baths enhance work flow and ease of use, they bring with them a new design aesthetic and are perfect for freezing or thawing or cooling equipment such as spectrophotometers, rotary evaporators and Peltier devices.

90 Circulator models including:

  • Refrigerated/Heated, Heated-only and Immersion
  • six controller options
  • various communication protocols
  • reservoir sizes from 6 to 75 liters

Our line of economical general purpose water baths demonstrates many improvements to design and performance. Providing heating required for thawing plasma or frozen samples or even warming culture media, these non-stirred water baths offer a temperature stability of ±0.1°C; a built-in timer; faster heat-up times; and a large LCD display. The see-through gable cover accommodates flasks and other sample vessels, while tilting out of the way, allowing condensate to drain back into the bath.

PolyScience Recirculating Chillers provide circulated cooling for incubation water jackets, electron microscopes and larger distillation systems. With different sizes and cooling capacities, the PolyScience Benchtop and 6000 Series Chillers fit your lab needs.

PolyScience also manufactures a wide range of specialty products including:

  • histology products
  • calibration baths
  • viscosity baths
  • 75 and 190 Liter Refrigerated Baths for accelerated beverage aging studies features an interactive product finder ( and convenient online shopping for orders in the USA designed to simplify the product selection process.

So whether you’re in a life science lab or a quality control lab, PolyScience can meet your temperature control needs.

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