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Porvair Sciences Introduce the UltraPPM LITE, the Precise Positive Pressure Manifold

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The UltraPPM LITE is the latest in cutting-edge manifold design, instilling confidence in sample processing within chromatography workflows. Offering the flexibility to fine-tune settings, this instrument puts you in control, enabling you to reliably process your samples effortlessly and proceed to downstream processes with full confidence.

Increased sensitivity and greater control

Simple pressure and flow controls enable users to precisely adjust and fine-tune these settings in real time. With this level of control, users can customize setups to meet their own needs and requirements.

Interchangeable processing heads

The instrument is versatile in its ability to convert between 384-, 96-, 48-, or 24-well plates by swapping well heads.

Reliable flow through

Delivering and maintaining consistent pressure across each well of a processing plate, the UltraPPM LITE overcomes challenges associated with incomplete flow from filter blocking or inconsistent air delivery.

Better visibility

The angled control panel offers better usability and visibility, allowing users to control the flow of liquid through the plate more clearly and reliably.

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Porvair Sciences UltraPPM Lite

 Offering the flexibility to fine-tune settings, the UltraPPM Lite puts you in control

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