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Potentiometric Titrator Determines TAN/TBN in Oils, Plus P and M for Alkalinity

The AQUACOUNTER® COM-300A potentiometric titrator; an easy-to-use, highly reliable titrator

by JM Science

AQUACOUNTER® COM-300A Potentiometric TitratorJM Science offers the AQUACOUNTER® COM-300A Potentiometric Titrator; an easy-to-use, highly reliable titrator that provides a wealth of features and includes free download software and RS-232 cable to connect to the customer’s computer. The COM-300A performs pH, acid/base, complexometric, redox, Karl Fischer, photometric, non-aqueous titrations, and ISE (Ion-Selective Electrode) measurements. The unit can also determine TAN/TBN (total acid/total base) in oils and P and M alkalinity. Stores up to 50 results in memory or download results to a laptop or desktop PC. Balance and computer interfaces are standard for GLP (good lab practice) and ISO documentation. Many options and additional features make the COM-300A the total solution for all of your titration needs. An optional volumetric Karl Fischer Kit add-on is available, which enhances flexibility in the use of this titrator for moisture determination. The software is already built-in, just add the hardware kit and start measuring moisture in the range from 100ppm to 100 percent. 

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