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Powerful, Precision Cleaning in a Sleek Redesigned Package

Let us clean, so you don't have to

Powerful, Precision Cleaning in a Sleek Redesigned Package

Labconco laboratory glassware washers have specialized features to meet the laboratory's demand for superior cleaning and convenience.

by Labconco

Building on more than 50 years of  laboratory glassware washer manufacturing experience, Labconco is excited to introduce a fully redesigned and feature-rich glassware washer range. Comprehensive updates made to the SteamScrubber®, FlaskScrubber®, and FlaskScrubber Vantage® undercounter and freestanding glassware washer models align with Labconco’s commitment to versatility, reliability, and efficiency through broad innovation, designed to maximize the experience of  users who demand perfection in the washing of  labware.

Precision Enhancements to Performance & Efficiency

Full range of enhancements have been implemented to increase performance, shortening wash times and simplifying the washing process.
  • Faster heating available with 6 kW heating configuration.
  • SpeedVent™ technology rapidly speeds post-cycle drying by venting residual heat.
  • Optimized sump design reduces water consumption as low as 12 L per fill.
  • Redesigned high-coverage 304 SST spray arms.Tool-free, adjustable upper rack height.

Flexible Spindle Racks

Completely overhauled and highly flexible injection washing system for narrow-neck labware such as volumetric flasks, pipettes, and more. Spindle racks feature interchangeable spindle rows, which provides users with the ability to customize every row of a spindle rack to fit any need, large or small.

Expanded Accessories

Labconco offers a wide range of standard and spindle inserts to accommodate a variety of labware and utensils. Spindle rack inserts offer an effective solution to clean specialty labware such as graduated cylinders, small narrow-neck flask and volumetrics, small vials, culture tubes, and more.  Standard rack inserts offer an effective solution for wide-mouth labware such as bottles, beakers, trays, pans, and other various utensils.

Cleanworks™ OS W/ Touchscreen Interface

CleanWorks OS enhances the experience for glassware washer users through a large, brilliant 5” touchscreen display. CleanWorks OS provides comprehensive control over wash parameters, data capture, and more to ensure consistent and high-performance washing of critical labware. The touchscreen interface provides effortless operation of the washer’s many functions, including program execution, creation, data analysis and export, and diagnostics.
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