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Webinar: Preparing for Your Lab Safety Audit

Preparing for your Lab Safety Audit
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Preparing for Your Lab Safety Audit
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Join Lab Manager and our panel of experts as we walk you through a virtual safety audit

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This webinar will cover how to get ready for a lab safety audit inspection. The program will focus on the most important areas typically scrutinized by federal, state, or local health & safety inspectors. The regulatory requirements contained in the OSHA Lab Standard and Hazard Communication Standard are also discussed for completeness. Participants will learn to think like an inspector and see what they see. It will walk you through a virtual audit beginning with the opening conference and ending with the exit interviews.


  • Before any inspection, do your homework—OSHA Lab and Hazard Communication standards
  • See the “Big Picture”—general lab safety equipment and facilities
  • Protect your people with PPE
  • Safe storage and use of hazardous materials
  • Special considerations
  • Now what? —Interviews, regular safety inspections, documentation and record-keeping