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prepASH - Automated Ash Analyzer

Reduce labor and improve time management with this fully automated, stand-alone device revolutionizing thermogravimetric analysis for dry weight, volatiles, and ash determination

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Fully automated ashing

prepASH, a fully automated innovation, reduces labor by 80 percent compared to traditional methods, offering users a game-changing time management solution. Now, analyses can be scheduled at previously unavailable periods, such as overnight, with automatic weight recording.

Three-in-one system

Consolidating three essential systems into one, prepASH functions as a drying oven, muffle furnace, and analytical balance. The determination of dry weight and ash, crucial parameters in analytical testing, is streamlined, minimizing time and potential errors associated with conventional drying, muffle ovens, and precision balances.

Touch screen and user-friendly control

The user experience is elevated through a color touchscreen control, providing easy and intuitive functionality at your fingertips. Perform tasks like method creation and manipulation, results analysis, and operation of the pneumatically operated lid with utmost ease.

Wide temperature range

Boasting a wide temperature range, prepASH features a powerful heating element ensuring rapid and uniform temperature distribution from 50°C to an impressive 1000°C. The heating element, thermally protected by quartz glass, withstands prolonged high operating temperatures and resists thermal shock.

Up to 29 samples per run

Achieve high efficiency with prepASH, capable of analyzing 12 to 29 samples in a single run. Simultaneously assess moisture, ash, and volatiles in up to 29 samples ranging from one to 120 grams each.

Capable of safely analyzing sulfated ash

For sulfated ash applications, an optional scrubber can be seamlessly connected, eliminating the need for venting to a hood. The prepASH—equipped with the scrubber accessory—automates the sulfuric acid fuming step. Additional accessories are available for applications requiring high sample throughput.

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Precisa Ash Analyzer

Reduce labor and improve time management with this fully automated thermogravimetric analyzer

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