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Product News: Thermo Fisher MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0

New ready-to-go reagents offer easier, faster sample prep for high-throughput DNA purification

by Thermo Fisher Scientific
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CARLSBAD, Calif. (Nov. 2, 2017) – 

Thermo Fisher Scientific MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 Overview: The Thermo Fisher Scientific MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 reagents provide genetic testing companies, labs, and service providers with fast, hassle-free and high-throughput DNA extraction from blood, saliva, buffy coat, and buccal swabs. The next generation reagents can purify DNA from 96 samples in 45 minutes on Thermo Scientific KingFisher instruments using a simplified protocol for either small- or large-volume sample input. 

The new MagMAX DNA reagents provide genetic testing labs with maximum yields of high-purity DNA for genome sequencing and other genetic testing applications. Additionally, using magnetic beads on an automated system, such as KingFisher instruments, enables high-throughput labs to standardize and accelerate sample purification while maintaining consistent results.  

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While other products on the market require manual processing in multiple steps, these ready-to-go reagents require only one manual step before loading plates for faster processing time. This simplified workflow removes 90 percent of hands-on processing and doesn’t require a dedicated sample prep expert, enabling certified techs to easily handle DNA prep using a standardized process designed to reduce variation and increase efficiency. 

Key Applications: DNA or nucleic acid purification for core/service/reference labs involved in genetic testing and ultra-high throughput commercial genetic testing companies in the genomics, molecular diagnostics and DNA sequencing markets.


  • Enhanced speed; hassle-free process: With four ready-to-go buffers for simple setup, the new reagents reduce hands-on time to as little as five minutes and shorten total run time for 96 samples to 45 minutes.
  • Increased flexibility: Instead of adjusting reagent volumes for each sample volume input, users choose between two standard protocols for high- or low-volume sample input.
  • Full compatibility: MagMAX DNA Multi-Sample Ultra 2.0 reagents purify gDNA that are PCR and NGS-ready. They are also compatible with Thermo Scientific KingFisher Flex Purification systems and Thermo Scientific KingFisher Duo Prime Purification systems.

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