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Proton OnSite Hydrogen Generation Systems

The Proton OnSite line of hydrogen generators is the simpler, more cost-effective, and less complex approach to supplying hydrogen for laboratory and scientific applications. 

by Proton OnSite

Offering units that produce from 300 cc/min to 18.8 slpm of gas, these generators use Proton OnSite's patented Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysis technology to produce gas at +99.99995 percent purity without the need for high-pressure liquid hydrogen tanks, or compressed gas storage. It's the safe, cost-effective solution for any lab.

A Complete Hydrogen Solution

Many lab managers understand the value of switching from delivered gas to an on-site hydrogen gas supply. On-site generation offers a pure, constant and safe supply of hydrogen gas as opposed to delivered cylinders. Lab managers in large facilities can avoid having to invest in numerous gas generators by installing a single, larger Proton OnSite hydrogen generator and plumbing it into each lab as a ‘lab server’. That way they can receive a stream of gas at the flick of a switch, anywhere in the building.

A Unique Proposition

Proton OnSite’s large PEM electrolyzers are the only generators in the laboratory market with the ability to run as a Lab Server. One S-Series hydrogen generator can supply up to 200 GC units with ultra high-purity hydrogen gas that can be maintained and managed from a single source. Proton OnSite’s technology can also ensure that pressure, flow and purity are constant throughout the building, and can be monitored at all times.

Safety First

Ensuring safety is paramount for a facility that deals with thousands of liters of hydrogen gas each day, considering a single hydrogen cylinder storing 6,300 liters of gas has the explosive potential of 35 lbs of TNT. By replacing cylinders with a single centralized Proton OnSite hydrogen gas generator that only produces gas when necessary and has a limited capacity, labs can dramatically reduce both the explosive potential and the amount of time and money spent handling heavy, dangerous cylinders.

Making the Helium Switch Make Sense

Most laboratories face a future with a less reliable, more expensive helium gas supply. Yet, hydrogen is quickly becoming less expensive than helium and is a more efficient carrier gas. The lab server solution allows large labs to switch while providing their practitioners with a carrier gas that offers superior, cost-effective results. A Proton OnSite hydrogen gas lab server can be installed into a large facility in hours and require minimal maintenance.

Proton OnSite S-Series Hydrogen Generator

The Proton OnSite S-Series hydrogen generation systems produce up to 18.8 slpm of ultra-high purity hydrogen gas for multiple GC systems. A single S-Series hydrogen generator, when installed into a large lab’s gas systems, can serve numerous floors and rooms with a constant, pure stream of hydrogen gas at the flick of a switch. Proton OnSite’s compact S-Series hydrogen generator produces the equivalent of four cylinders of better-than-ultra high purity grade hydrogen every day- helping many industries eliminate the cost associated with delivered gas.

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