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Purchasing Guide: Staffing

Finding the right candidate to fill a role in your lab can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive

by Lab Manager
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Finding the right candidate to fill a role in your lab can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Some labs employ staffing services that specialize in connecting hiring managers with qualified, screened candidates for a fee. If done properly, finding the right lab staffing service can make the hiring process more efficient for you. Browse lab staffing service providers at

5 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Staffing Service Provider:

  1. Does the service provider specialize in recruiting laboratory personnel?
  2. How specialized is the skillset you need? If specialized, look for a staffing service that can provide qualified personnel in that area.
  3. What does their candidate screening process look like? Is it sufficiently thorough?
  4. How does the contract differ from other staffing services? Are there any catches?
  5. How quickly do you need the new staff? Generally, the more specialized the position, the longer it will take to fill.

Finding a Staffing Partner

Finding qualified candidates for your lab can be challenging. Partnering with a laboratory staffing service can streamline the sourcing, screening, and selection process, leaving you free to focus on the science. A good staffing partner will understand your industry’s unique challenges, work with speed and flexibility, and have a strong network of candidates. Learn more about what to look for in a staffing partner at

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When to Use a Staffing Service

At what point is it more cost-effective to employ a staffing service than handle all staffing processes in-house? Key factors to consider include employee turnover, onboarding processes, diversity, and overall workload. While it may seem more costly upfront, hiring a staffing service will connect you with a pool of qualified candidates and free you up for other work that is not so easily outsourced. Learn more about when to use a staffing service at