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PUREGRIP™ Glass Bottles Provide Safer, More Secure Handling for Laboratory Containment Tasks

Combined expertise from Foxx Life Sciences and Borosil Glass Works, Ltd. bring quality and innovation to the research community

by Foxx Life Sciences
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puregripThe new PUREGRIP™ line of borosilicate glass reagent bottles have a closure design that improves a user’s ability to safely handle the bottle, and certified volumetric markings that guarantee traceable calibration. Designed to be the safest, most accurate glass laboratory bottles on the market, PUREGRIP™ glassware is available at a surprisingly affordable price. The product line was developed jointly as part of the recent collaboration between Foxx Life Sciences and Borosil Glass Works Ltd.

On April 11, 2018, Foxx Life Sciences and Borosil Glass Works Ltd. announced a long-term agreement wherein Foxx Life Sciences will act as the exclusive supplier in North America for Borosil Glass Works premium laboratory glassware. In addition to their agreement, the companies collaborated to develop PUREGRIP™ bottles and flasks, combining an innovative plastic bottle cap with premium quality glassware. “Both Foxx and Borosil are poised to achieve success on a global scale,” said Thomas Taylor, CEO of Foxx Life Sciences. “PUREGRIP™ is the first of many synergistic products we plan to launch,” Mr. Taylor added.

Breaking the mold in laboratory glassware
Commonly used in laboratories, glass reagent bottles have remained unchanged for years—until now. The new PUREGRIP™ bottles incorporate VersaCap® bottle caps, providing a safe and easy way to handle reagent bottles with gloved hands, especially when the bottles are wet. The patented VersaCap® bottle cap has a protruding ridge that provides a comfortable, secure gripping surface for handling and transporting the bottle. The larger cap is simpler to open or close, and has a wide, flat surface for writing and labeling. VersaCap® caps are constructed from certified USP Class VI and animal-free polypropylene resin with a uniform GL 45 thread and the highest maximum operating temperature of any polypropylene GL 45 cap.

Top quality borosilicate glass
Highly durable 3.3 low expansion ASTM E-438 Type I Class A borosilicate glass is used for PUREGRIP™ bottles and flasks. Bottle sizes come in 100 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL, 1 L, 2 L, 3 L, 5 L, 10 L and 20 L quantities, with a choice of clear or amber glass. PUREGRIP™ flasks range from 250 mL to 5 L. Volumetric gradations are applied using advanced calibration instruments—each PUREGRIP™ glass product is individually certified for accuracy. Produced using glass blanks with uniform wall thickness, the bottles are chemically inert, mechanically strong and resistant to attack from acids, salt solution and solvents. PUREGRIP™ glass products undergo a specialized annealing process to assure they are free of residual stress and resistant to thermal shock up to 142°C. Polypropylene pouring rings eliminates dripping, and each unit features a large enamel writing surface for labeling.

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PUREGRIP™ products comply with international quality standards, including EN ISO 4796-
1:2016. Available in case quantities, the bottles, flasks, caps and pouring rings can be sterilized
and autoclaved. All bottles and flasks have a uniform GL 45 threaded closure. For information,
contact Foxx Life Sciences by calling 1-603-890-3699, or visit the website at, or send an email to