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Quick Tips from Linda: Efficient Lab Ventilation

Quick Tips from Linda: Efficient Lab Ventilation

Ventilation systems account for almost half of energy consumption in laboratories

by Lab Manager
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Did You Know:

Ventilation systems account for almost half (44 percent) of energy consumption in laboratories.

Labs are known to be energy hogs, but lab managers can help to reduce their facility’s environmental footprint by re-evaluating its ventilation system. To start, labs should develop a laboratory ventilation management plan (LVMP), which can help managers balance the safety value of ventilation with the financial and carbon costs associated with the energy required to supply air in the lab. Enlist multiple departments when crafting your LVMP, and assign responsibilities to everyone involved to keep better track of energy consumption and to hold everyone accountable for reaching sustainability goals.

Lab managers should also consider the benefits of implementing smart ventilation systems and monitoring equipment in their lab, if they don’t already have it. Demand control ventilation systems and other continuous air monitoring systems reduce overall energy consumption, and ensure your staff is always in a clean-air environment.

Take some time to evaluate the actual performance of your lab’s ventilation system and determine if you need an upgrade, or if there are smaller-scale solutions to curb energy costs.

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