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Rapid, Reproducible Cooling of Laboratory Samples

FroSyn represents a next generation sustainable alternative to using traditional ice and dry ice (CO2) cooling baths

by Asynt
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Asynt announces FroSyn—an innovative fluid-free cooling plate that enables rapid cooling of  samples in vials or round bottom flasks (up to 500 mL) to below -60 °C.

Asynt's FroSyn fluid-free cooling plateAsynt's FroSyn fluid-free cooling plate. Credit: FroSynDesigned in conjunction with temperature control specialists Julabo GmbH, FroSyn represents a next generation sustainable alternative to using traditional ice and dry ice (CO2) cooling baths.

Active temperature control, via. a Pt100 sensor positioned in the insulated base plate, allows the user to set a defined plate temperature (down to -70 °C) and prevents temperature fluctuations over time. This innovative approach to sample cooling results in excellent reproducibility and improved reaction control. Unlike dry ice cooling baths that require constant attention, the stable and controlled sub-ambient performance of the FroSyn means that even overnight reactions can be performed with complete confidence.

Specialist insulation around the cooling probe and plate on the FroSyn improves performance, keeps the apparatus ice-free, and helps eliminate the possibility of operator cold burns during operation. Positioning of the FroSyn on top of a conventional magnetic stirrer plate allows for efficient sample mixing during cooled experiments.

The FroSyn can be used with either a set of standard insets for round bottom flasks from 50 mL to 500 mL, or with custom manufactured reaction vial holding plates. The use of either weights and seals for the flask inserts, or an inerting dome with the vial plates prevents the formation of ice on the glassware. Other custom cooling accessories are also available to compliment different applications, for example a 4-position holding module for battery research and development.

For further information on the FroSyn please visit or contact Asynt on +44-1638-781709 / The FroSyn fluid-free cooling plate will also be on public display for the first time at Lab Innovations 2019 in Birmingham, UK on the Julabo stand H15.

Asynt is a leading supplier of affordable products, consumables and services for chemists in industry and academia.  With staff of trained chemists,  Asynt can draw upon this in-depth applications knowledge to provide a high level of customer support for its DrySyn heating blocks, controlled lab reactors, synthesis tools, evaporators, circulators, temperature control systems, vacuum pumps, and lab safety equipment.