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Rebel Logic+ Biosafety Cabinet

The Rebel Logic+ Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) promotes comfort and safety by improving ergonomics when viewing cell culture samples with Echo’s Rebel microscope

by Labconco

The Rebel Logic+ Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) promotes comfort and safety by improving ergonomics when viewing cell culture samples with Echo’s Rebel microscope.

Investigating cell lines requires frequent use of a microscope to check cells as they reproduce. When a cell line is biohazardous in nature, cell culture manipulations and microscopy should be carried out within a Class II biosafety cabinet. These cabinets are designed to protect users from biohazardous samples and to protect cells from contamination by bathing the work area with laminar HEPA filtered air that is of ISO 5 quality.

Traditional cell culture microscopy is carried out using inverted microscopes, which are large and bulky. Samples are placed onto the inverted scope’s raised stage, then ideally viewed with eyepieces. When using a biosafety cabinet, the eyepieces typically pass through a cutout in the glass sash of the BSC. BSCs setup in this configuration can maintain user and sample safety when outfitted with an inverted microscope, but at the expense of ergonomics. The result? Painful neck angles and awkward, repetitive arm bending.

When user comfort in a BSC is sacrificed, mistakes increase and safety is compromised.

Specifically designed for Echo’s Rebel microscope, the Rebel Logic+ BSC speeds sample viewing and eliminates user discomfort by providing a continuous transition from BSC worksurface onto microscope stage. How? The BSC’s unique, adjustable sump lowers the Rebel microscope into the work surface. Installation takes just seconds. The work surface also features a precision-cut seal that surrounds the microscope, maintaining proper airflow within the cabinet that promotes user and sample protection.

The Rebel microscope is easily operated through the Remote Focus Controller, displaying crisp sample imagery onto a 12.9” Retina® iPad. Power cables for the microscope are conveniently hidden underneath the BSC work surface and exit the cabinet through negative pressure passthrough ports. Keeping the work surface clear of extra cables frees up space for extra consumables and cell culture flasks. Combined with the BSC’s large 10” sash opening, the removal of awkward eyepieces, cables and focusing knobs allows for organized, comfortable work during long periods of use.

The Rebel Logic+ also provides users with unique biosafety cabinet features that enhance safety and comfort. The MyLogic™ line-of-sight LCD information center located inside the Rebel Logic+ places important BSC notifications within view of users including: cabinet performance, filter life, plus alerts and alarms. An energy efficient electrically commutated motor blower (ECM) programmed with Constant Airflow Profile™ (CAP) maintains safe airflow as the HEPA filters load. Each BSC also includes a telescoping base stand that adjusts work surface height from 30” to 37”.

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