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Reclaim Your Time, Money, and Peace of Mind Using Serological Pipets

Unique repeat pipetting technology with ali-Q™ 2-in-1 aliquoting pipet controller

Reclaim Your Time, Money, and Peace of Mind Using Serological Pipets

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by VistaLab Technologies

Laboratories are under constant pressure to increase productivity and generate high-quality data while reducing costs. As such, laboratory staff have a myriad of responsibilities and require efficient solutions to accelerate many time-consuming tasks—especially liquid handling tasks. Aliquoting samples, cells for cryopreservation, or reagents for media prep, and other similar tasks can be tedious, and require careful attention to ensure accuracy. The ali-Q™ pipet controllers enable repeat pipetting along with conventional aspirating and dispensing to provide a complete solution for rapid, accurate liquid handling

Easy as 1,2,3

Unlike traditional serological pipet controllers, ali-Q™ are equipped with three buttons to enable conventional and repeat pipetting. For conventional pipetting, the user simply presses one button to aspirate the liquid and a second button to dispense the liquid. For repeat pipetting tasks, the user sets the desired volume on the dial, and presses the third button to multi-dispense any volume up to 5 mL semi-automatically. This simple design makes it easier than ever to perform accurate repeat pipetting, as it eliminates the need to pay close attention to the graduation lines on the serological pipet while mentally calculating the repeated dispense volumes.

How the ali-Q™ 2-in-1 aliquoting pipet controller works

The ali-Q™ 2 series includes a variable aliquoting speed (VS) model, ideal for labs that require a versatile pipet controller for a wide range of applications. The user can easily adjust the dispensing speed depending on the pipetting task— for example higher speed for larger volumes, or lower speed when working with fragile, sensitive cells to prevent cell disruption. The series also includes fixed high speed and fixed low speed models. All models have onboard calibration software, two multifunction LEDs, function alert tones, and a removable kickstand.

Reclaim your time

Serological pipets and controllers are laboratory workhorses, however inherent design limitations can contribute to inefficiencies. For example, when working with a conventional serological pipet controller, the user must bring the pipet to eye level to accurately observe the liquid meniscus and ensure the appropriate volume is dispensed. This design is cumbersome and makes aliquoting a time-consuming task. The ali-Q™ 2 allows the user to aliquot faster as the semi-automatic dispensing eliminates the need to watch the graduations on the serological pipet. The user simply presses the aliquoting button to achieve accurate repeat dispenses, only needing to aim the tip into the proper labware—tube, well, flask, etc. In demonstrations, the ali-Q™ 2 has accurately aliquoted three milliliters into 100 tubes in under four minutes!

Press aliquot button to dispense each aliquot

Reclaim your funds

Many repeat pipetting devices are only compatible with expensive, specialized serological pipets. Not only are these devices less versatile, it is difficult to justify the cost of specialized consumables on a tight budget. The ali-Q™ 2 offers greater versatility for a wide range of applications as it is compatible with all brands and sizes of serological pipets. Laboratories benefit from the 2-in-1 functionality and save on costly consumables.

Reclaim peace of mind

Aliquoting requires skill and attention to ensure the accuracy and consistency critical to successful experimental outcomes. By dispensing aliquots semi-automatically, the ali-Q™ 2 significantly improves accuracy by eliminating pipetting “by eye” and having to calculate multiples to keep track of volume graduations for each aliquot.

Liquid handling tasks are also affected by a variety of environmental factors— including temperature, humidity, and pressure. These factors may compromise accuracy and must be accounted for. The ali-Q™ 2 contains computer-controlled sensors and valves to automatically detect changing environmental conditions and adjust the volume settings to deliver the correct volume with each multi-dispense. For added confidence, on-board calibration software makes it easy to perform a simple in-lab calibration and make any necessary adjustments for optimal accuracy.

No more "by eye" repeat pipetting

Laboratories are constantly under pressure to do more with less and require innovative solutions to improve productivity without compromising results. The ali-Q™ 2-in-1 aliquoting pipet controllers are designed to speed up liquid handling tasks and improve accuracy, so busy laboratories can reclaim their time, funds, and peace of mind.