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Webinar: Reducing Aerosolized Pathogens & PM2.5—Improving the Air we Breathe

Reducing Aerosolized Pathogens & PM2.5
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Reducing Aerosolized Pathogens & PM2.5—Improving the Air we Breathe
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We are living in a different world where words like aerosolized transmission and PM 2.5 are becoming common terminology, but what exactly do they mean?

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During this webinar we will be discussing in detail how exactly a virus becomes aerosolized and the risk factors associated with aerosolized pathogens. We will also learn more about PM 2.5 and the impact it has on our overall health. More importantly, we will be discussing the many different solutions people are looking at to provide a mitigation plan to their facilities and while doing so, we will uncover some of the unfortunate false advertising of air purifying systems, UV-C, and the complexities of a Merv 13 upgrade of the buildings HVAC system. We will then dive deep into the solution Erlab provides with their Halo—laboratory grade air filtration system, providing factual data of the products effectiveness at reducing virus particles and PM 2.5 and reviewing the overall functionality.

As an attendee, you will learn more about:

  • Air flow patterns and the importance of proper airflow dynamics
  • PM 2.5 the unseen danger
  • How a virus becomes aerosolized and what happens once in the air
  • UV-C and the inefficiencies and false claims
  • The impact of having to upgrade a buildings HVAC to improve ventilation effectiveness and how this can be achieved without HVAC upgrades