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Top 5 Signs that Your Lab Refrigerator , Freezer or Ultra-Low Freezer Needs to be Serviced or Replaced

Check out these quick tips before shopping for a new freezer for your lab

Top 5 Signs that Your Lab Refrigerator, Freezer or Ultra -Low Freezer Needs to be Serviced or Replaced

When a freezer or refrigerator has a pattern of being slow to recover after an extended door opening. 
When your lab fridge or freezer is frequently accessed and the door doesn’t securely close easily. 
When the ambient temperature in the room where lab refrigerators and freezers are kept is consistently high, causing the equipment to work harder. 
When a fridge or freezer for no reason raises and drops temperature regardless of door openings. 
When signs of heavy defrost affect the ability of the door having a good seal when closed. 


Recently Released Refrigerators , Freezers, & Ultra -Low Freezers

Smart-Vue Wireless Monitoring System

  • Safeguards the integrity of important laboratory storage by continuously monitoring critical parameters of laboratory equipment such as temperature, CO2 concentration and relative humidity
  • Securely logs data that can always be accessed via the Internet
  • Provides immediate notification of electrical or mechanical failure by audible/visual siren, fax, telephone, email or text messaging
  • Easy to install, use, and maintain

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Shuttle™ Portable Ultra -Low Freezers

  • Features a -86°C to -20°C temperature range
  • Offers secure mobile transport of high-value vaccines or biological specimens
  • Requires no compressors, dry ice, or LN2, and is quiet and energy-efficient
  • Weighs 42 lbs and is efficient for both benchtop and field uses
  • Operates independently for up to two hours when connected to an optional uninterruptible power supply

Stirling Ultracold

Select™ Series

  • Now available in three upright sizes
  • Features an operating temperature range of -50C to -86C
  • Includes high/low audible & visual temperature alarms, remote alarm contacts, patent pending voltage buck/boost
  • Contains 1HP low noise high-efficiency compressors

Nor-Lake Scientific

comPOUND® and arktic™ Automated Storage Modules

  • Capable of storing up to three times the number of samples of a standard -80°C freezer within almost the same physical space
  • Have no moving parts within the cold zone, instead relying on TTP Labtech’s proprietary pneumatic transport technology
  • Samples are stored individually under nitrogen or dry air in hermetically sealed chambers eliminating contamination worries and improving sample stability

TTP Labtech

Refrigerator , Freezer, and Ultra -Low Freezer Manufacturers


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Freezer Concepts

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