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Replace the Traditional pH Meter with New Technology

Wireless pHlive™ stir bar and smartSENSE® technology provides for continuous pH monitoring for buffers, titration, and formulations

by Gate Scientific
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Gate Scientific, Inc (, is continuing to lead the way in wireless sensing and IoT for laboratory applications with their smartSENSE technology. The wireless pHlive™ stir bar is now available for delivery and together with the GEN2 WiFi smartSENSE digital programmable base station it will fully eliminate the need for a bulky pH meter in the chemistry lab. 

smartSENSE® pHlive™ stir bars from Gate Scientific.
Gate Scientific

The wireless smartSENSE platform consists of wireless stir bars with temperature, pH, and spin sensing as well as the state-of-the-art digital programmable chemical base station for heating, stirring, remote control, and monitoring. The GEN2 wireless base station with the introduction of added BNC ports will further allow for direct use of traditional probes for any routine or acute measurements such as pH needed outside the use of stir bars—thereby fully replacing the need for the benchtop pH meter. 

Twice winner of the Pittcon Today Gold Excellence Award and proud recipient of the competitive grant from the National Science Foundation SBIR for its patented smartSENSE® pHlive™ stir bar, Gate Scientific is now working with SMB’s as well as Fortune 500 companies, which has greatly accelerated the commercialization of its pH sensing technology available today. 

“The wireless pHlive™ stir bar providing continuous pH monitoring has received overwhelming market feedback especially as the ideal tool for labs working with buffers, titrations, and formulations,” says CEO, Morten Jensen. “The real-life customer feedback, the industry acknowledgement provided by the awards, and working with the NSF has definitely influenced and sharpened how we are going to market with existing and new additions to the smartSENSE technology platform.” 

Senior scientist, Shao-Wei Li from HP, Inc in San Diego immediately saw the value in being able to use the smartSENSE pHlive stir bar for continuous monitoring in their ink formulation and came on board as a beta customer. 

At Intuity Medical, a medical device company in Fremont, CA, senior VP of product development, Robb Hesley says "The pHlive stir bar provides real-time feedback allowing my team to precisely and accurately monitor the pH and temperature of our sensitive enzymatic formulations. This gives us unprecedented control and ensures very reproducible results over time." 

The RFID enabled smartSENSE stir bars continuously relays the data to the wireless chemical base station for monitoring and control based on manual or pre-programmed settings. Leveraging the IoT for Labs capabilities, the setup may be accessed remotely from any computer or smartphone for monitoring, control and data logging via network or peer-to-peer access. 

The wireless smartSENSE temperature stir bar won the Gold Excellence Award at Pittcon 2018 and the smartSENSE pH stir bar was honored with the same award in at Pittcon 2019.

Gate Scientific

Gate Scientific