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Revolutionize Your Clinical Microbiome Research

Watch this panel discussion with experts from the field

Are you looking for a way to collect samples for your gut microbiome analysis, increase donor compliance, and improve efficiency through reduced validation time and proven reproducibility? You can do all of this and more with the OMNIgene GUT Dx device, the first and only FDA authorized fecal collection device currently available on the market.

In this panel discussion, 'Standardizing stool sampling: Value of FDA authorization,' experts describe the OMNIgene GUT Dx's journey in receiving FDA authorization and why this designation is important for diagnostic and therapeutic assay developers.

Hear from our team of experts from Regulatory Affairs, Product Management and Research & Development on:

  • Why FDA authorization designation is important for the diagnostic and therapeutic industry
  • The clinical applications that could benefit from the OMNIgene GUT Dx device
  • Reasons why you can trust this device for your clinical research needs

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