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The Most Comprehensive Laboratory Information Management Solution with LIMS 24/7

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The most comprehensive laboratory information management solution with LIMS 24/7.

  • Single and secure lab data repository
  • Lab processes automation
  • Unlimited workflow scenarios
  • Data mining and knowledge discovery
  • 100% Web based
  • Install once, access from anywhere
  • Always up and running 24 / 7 / 365
  • State-of-the-art architecture and design

LIMS 24/7 meets CFR, GLP, ISO, CLIA and HIPAA standards providing you, your lab, and your clients with the best laboratory management possible.

Recently, the demand for low-cost DNA sequencing has driven the development of high-throughput sequencing technologies that are based on several parallel instances of the sequencing process. This approach produces thousands or millions of DNA sequences at once, followed by algorithmic analysis and alignment of the data. The challenges of this approach are associated with handling massive amounts of the generated information.

Next generation high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies are widely used by the scientists who embark on a monumental task of deciphering genetic information from a statistically significant population group. With the emergence of Epigenetics as one of the frontiers of biological science, the researchers face even greater challenges of piecing together genetic information and DNA-protein interactions. These research projects are insurmountable without a flexible laboratory data management system capable of storing, analyzing and sorting the data generated as a result of several experimental work-flows.

In order to communicate results, manage processes at various stages or make common decisions, a software like LIMS 24/7 used in all labs could help to coordinate the work. The goal is to retain result achievement, elaboration, further decision and final review directly at the workplace. Indeed, all laboratory users can login and use this software from anywhere on the network. Projects are organized by type, subtype, priority and other criteria and all the related information is recorded within such projects. Moreover, instruments can send data directly to LIMS that is configured to guarantee the traceability of the work. With LIMS it is possible to save time and money, and to improve rate and productivity.

LIMS 24/7 is an easy to use yet provides powerful analysis tool for streamlining the overwhelming sequencing process. It is an excellent solution for data management and sharing that can handle complex ChiP-Seq data including collaborators, donors, cohorts, antibodies, samples, DNA libraries, raw ChiPSeq data files, and analysis results. Powerful data mining capabilities help lab managers to make decisions on the next steps in the process, find bottle-necks and track performance. RURO is making genomic data easier to share, search and archive.

We have presented one possible application of LIMS 24/7 in sequencing, but this software could also be successfully employed for the management of clinical trials, preclinical and animal research, drug discovery, microarray, genotyping, gene expression, biobanks and proteomics labs.