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Safe, Smart Hydrogen Access

No more cylinders, no more headaches, just easy chemistry

Safe, Smart Hydrogen Access

The H-Genie™ includes numerous safety features including multiple hydrogen detectors to automatically detect any gas leaks, pressure drops, or if the concentration of hydrogen gas shows the potential to rise above a safe level. Critically, the H-Genie™ does not store hydrogen after operation, to ensure safety during fires, earthquakes, or electrical malfunctions.

by Heidolph
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Q: Is there a safe and easy way to access hydrogen for my laboratory?

The use of hydrogen gas from compressed gas cylinders is restricted, and limits us in terms of pressure, and therefore chemistry possibilities. Often, hydrogenation is restricted to specialized rooms, which are inconvenient to access and take up valuable space—as do cylinders used within ordinary laboratories. Compressed gas cylinders must also be carefully transported and secured, to prevent serious injury that can occur with improper handling and storage. Finally, there is an increased risk of inconsistent supply, which can hinder productivity in our laboratory.  

A:The H-Genie™ is the first hydrogen generator designed for chemists.

The H-Genie™ supplies safe and reliable pressurized hydrogen for any instrument in the laboratory. Utilizing patented pressure cell technology, the H-Genie™ is the only generator capable of generating up to 1,450 psi of hydrogen gas from water at up to 1 NL/min and at 6.0 purity. With its intuitive touch screen interface, easy to export reaction data and remote operating capability, the H-Genie™ is designed to be a true replacement for cylinders in any laboratory setting. The H-Genie™ is fully compatible with balloons, any type of batch or flow reactor and even gas chromatographs—a single H-Genie™ unit can support up to 8 gas chromatographs simultaneously.

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