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Safely and Reliably Store Tissues and Samples at Temperatures as Low as -86°C

B Medical System's ultra low freezers are now available in the USA

B Medical Ultralow Freezer

B Medical System’s Ultra Low Freezers are intended to safely and reliably store organic tissues, vaccines, laboratory samples, and blood components at temperatures as low as -86°C

by B Medical Systems

Highest Level of Sample Protection

European manufacturing and advanced refrigeration technology guarantee the highest level of sample protection. Uniform temperature distribution, industry leading Door Opening Recovery and Warm-Up Time ensure that samples are safely stored through normal operations, frequent door openings and power outage.


State-of-the art design features of the product ensures reliable operation. Combined with our high-end alarm systems and remote monitoring technology (°B Connected), this ensures that your samples are always safe with us.

High Quality and Optimized Storage Capacity

The unit is European designed with high quality antibacterial coated steel and is certified FDA medical devices (Class II). The model offers optimized storage capacity and modularity, while ensuring that racks from different models can also be used to maximize efficient use of storage space.

Energy Efficient and Sustainable

All of our ultra-low freezers are designed to deliver superior energy efficiency. The natural refrigerants, vacuum insulated panels, innovative gasket design and inner doors ensure the highest level of energy efficiency and sustainability. Our U701 is Energy Star certified and is compliant with the SNAP green gas requirements.

Technological Features

 All electronic functionality, including password protection, are easily accessible through the 7” touchscreen display. All data recorded by the unit is available for download through a USB port. The product offers electronic password protection and NFC based locking systems.