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Safety & Convenience in Cell & Tissue Culture Aspiration

VACUUBRAND’s BVC integrated aspiration station is a safe, convenient system with a small footprint and the power to support two users.



Traditional “best practice” for aspirating biological liquids relies on two flasks – the second one for overflow protection – and a biofilter between the aspiration flasks and the vacuum source to contain biological aerosols. In addition, at least the first flask should be supported with a ring stand and clamp – to minimize the risk of a glass flask being pulled over as the aspiration tubing flexes with use.

In practice, these practical guidelines are frequently overlooked in the lab. The second flask is often omitted, and the receiving even placed on the floor where it is vulnerable to spillage. Similarly, the sterile filter between the application and the vacuum source may be neglected, leading to a risk of cross-contamination from aerosols escaping through central vacuum system piping. Such improvised aspiration set-ups pose hazards to the lab staff and a risk that biological materials may escape.

A Modern Alternative The BVC Professional G manages these hazards with an integrated design that includes:

  • A small footprint;
  • A sterilizable, hydrophobic 0.2 micron filter that contains biological aerosols;
  • Easily adjustable suction power – fast for quick aspirations; gentle to avoid inadvertent aspiration of cells;
  • An autoclavable vacuum collection bottle that reduces aerosol production and foaming and may be removed for closed transport;
  • A base that supports the collection flasks against tip-over ;
  • An aspiration handset for touch-control of aspirations, designed to ensure that aspirated materials make no contact with the handle;
  • A non-contact liquid-level sensor and shut-off function to prevent overflows;
  • A quiet, corrosion-resistant, oil-free vacuum pump powerful enough to support two users at once;
  • Full bleach compatibility – an industry first – for applications in which safety protocols require bleach in the receiving flask.

Other BVC Aspiration Station models are available for use with central vacuum systems or your own diaphragm vacuum pump. Systems with polypropylene collection bottles are available for use in protocols that do not require bleach in the collection vessel during aspiration procedures.

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