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Digital Event: Safety Digital Summit

Lab Manager's Safety Digital Summit
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Safety Digital Summit

Strategies for Safer Labs

September 12-13, 2023
From 11 AM EST

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Lab managers are tasked with keeping their lab staff safe, which means anticipating and mitigating various hazards around the workplace. Heavy equipment, dangerous chemicals, sharp instruments, and mental stress all present varying levels of risk. Managers must develop a comprehensive lab safety program to protect their personnel, equipment, and products—this will help prevent tragedy, as well as benefit a lab’s bottom line by decreasing product loss and costly downtime. What are the steps needed to develop an effective safety program, and how can managers convince their staff to achieve compliance?

Lab Manager will host its Safety Digital Summit on September 12-13, where safety experts will share their personal experience and stories with the audience to help you achieve a safer lab. Learn the steps you need to take to properly assess levels of risk in your lab, keep your equipment in working order, and recognize signs of distress among your staff and yourself. Speakers will participate in an interactive Q&A during each session, so register for free and come prepared with your questions about how you can improve your lab’s experience and create a safer environment.


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