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Sanyo: Sterisonic™ GxP Series Integrated Cooling Option

Learn more about the cooling option in Sanyo's GxP Series of incubators.

by Sanyo

The industry’s most complete cell culture solution for highly regulated applications or conventional incubation. Now with, an integrated cooling option for +18ºC to +30ºC applications, while allowing for safe, effective two-hour in situ H2O2 sterilization for fastest decontamination turn-around.

  • SANYO’s integrated cooling option provides unmatched temperature stability and control which can only be achieved with our patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket™ that surrounds the inner walls with a natural convection airflow.
  • This cooling option maintains high relative humidity and provides precise temperature control for a wide range of applications.
  • The unique cooling coil design allows for superior temperature uniformity and temperature recovery during door openings. In addition, the MCO-CL permits H2O2 sterilization of interior components for GMP applications and protocols.

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